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This post has details of Nachw Scam to let users know that the site works closely with the Government to deliver and receive test kits for the launch.

Are you dealing with issues over Nachw? During the past week, the White House stated that it might officially open the website on Wednesday, January 19, 2022. 

But, on Tuesday, January 19, 2022 morning, 2022 morning, users across the United States saw an option on the webpage to place their free tests’ orders – a restricted rollout that seems to have been extended to more users by Tuesday afternoon.

But is it a Nachw Scam? Let’s find out.

Are Americans placing their free Covid tests orders?

A few Americans have already been making appointments for their free COVID-19 assessments through a form issued by the USPS, a day ahead of the anticipated introduction of the Biden administration’s free COVID-19 examinations.

According to statistics that analyze traffic to government portals, public interest in the website has increased considerably beyond that of all other government portals. Over 500 000 people had visited the test webpage by early Tuesday afternoon.

According to a White House official, the portal operates at “limited capacity” as the administration prepares to resolve any glitches before its public opening on Wednesday.

Is Nachw Scam?

According to a message posted on the web page, the Government and administration have tests for each U.S home location. 

It asked Americans to keep checking the next day if they come across any unexpected challenges.

A few Americans could already place their order for free COVID-19 testing at their residence through the program organized by White House earlier this week. 

It gave priority accessibility to persons staying in “high-risk” postal codes through a National Association of Community Health Workers website. 

What did Nachw declare?

According to the NACHW’s website, free orders for the Covid-19 test would be prioritized for fair allocation depending on localities severely afflicted by the COVID-19 outbreak. While researching on Nachw Scam, we find that officials from the Department of Health and Human Services have expressed hope in the Postal Service’s right to acquire test requests and manage a potential rise in sales.

Is the USPS working efficiently for Covid-19 tests?

The Postal Service is a major collaborator in this project that already has an online portal that sells products to the general public and has done so for a long time. It was reported by an administrative official last week during a briefing at White House; hence, not a Nachw Scam.

The United States Postal Service’s 650 000 men and women are prepared to deliver and delighted to serve a vital part in meeting the health requirements of the American people.

Do people face challenges in ordering Covid tests?

When trying to place an order, several early users ran into problems. They complained that their residential address had been mistakenly classified as a business. 

The tenants of apartment buildings complained somebody had already ordered the tests assigned to their residence address.

The Postal Service only sees a few incidents of unregistered addresses. However, the USPS stated that those who face problems ordering free tests might reach the authorities on 1-800-275-8777.


Hence based on the research on Nachw Scam, our experts noticed that the USPS stated last week that about ninety percent of first-class mail was provided timely during January’s first week.

Hence, the portal might encounter problems; but you may reach officials to solve the issue and order a free Covid test. Readers can get more information here on NAchw and read more details on How To Avoid An Online Scam?

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