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Narwal Mask Reviews {Nov 2020} Safe Product Or Not!

Narwal Mask Reviews 2020

Narwal Mask Reviews {Nov 2020} Safe Product Or Not! >> Open your eyes to a mandatory product i.e. mask, amid Covid-19 and this alert you if scam or not.

Are you thinking that it’s safe out there without wearing a mask? Covid-19 still needs strict precautionary measures to follow. Are you compromising with your looks in doing so? Don’t do that anymore and read the Narwal Mask Reviews

Narwal Mask is a non-medical mask that not only covers your face but enhances your new look. It is mandatory to wear a mask when in a public place, and using a simple plain one can bore you a lot. 

A face mask designed by Abbie Gregory from the United States is made up of two layers of soft 95% polyester and 5% spandex fabric. The funky whale-like creature is printed on the outer layer. Read till the end and find out more details about it. 

What is this mask? 

The mask is not a medically approved one and are used by the general public only. Further, in Narwal Mask Reviews, it is only for people who are 13 and above. 

With 95% polyester, 5% spandex fabric, and over-ear elastic straps, it is a comfortable fit over the mouth and nose. Two layers of different fabrics don’t suffocate a person if worn for a longer duration

Abbie Gregory, a designer from the United Stateshave added a funny looking blue-whale with a horn on its head. It is washable and must be cleaned after every use. 


  • Nawal Mask is purely made of polyester (95%) and spandex fabric (5%).
  • It has 18.5 x 11.5 cm wide and covers the nose and mouth perfectly. 
  • According to Narwal Mask Reviews, it cannot be used as a medical mask and only used for the general public. 
  • It also has over-ear elastic straps that support the mask and keeps it in place. 
  • It is washable after every use and costs $10 per mask.
  • People age 13 and above only can use this product.

Pros of product

  • The fabric of the mask is soft, comfortable and 95% polyester.
  • It doesn’t suffocate a person wearing it for a longer duration, even after having double layers.
  • It can be easily cleaned, and the print doesn’t fade after every wash.

Cons of product  

  • It is not for medical purposes and not exactly preventing from Covid-19 virus. 
  • There are no Narwal Mask Reviews present on the website or anywhere else.
  • Children under the age of three must stay away from this mask. 
  • If someone has a breathing problem or cannot remove the mask without assistance, they must not use it.
  • It can be quite expensive as the shipping charge is very high if delivered overseas. 

Is Nawal Mask a Legit or Scam product? 

The seller of the mask is Redbubble, which started in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, it has gained a pretty good reputation in the market. 

The reviews we found on the website are about every mask they sell, and therefore, it was hard to speculate the original Narwal Mask Reviews.

Redbubble promotes designers and artists all around the world, and the designer Abbie Gregory, who has worked on 112 designs, has gained a good number of followers on the site.

If consumers are willing to afford this product, they can research it deeply and try it based on their analysis. 

Customer’s Reviews 

The company has got many reviews, but there’s no mention of which mask they are talking about as it sells various kinds of masks. Because of this reason, it isn’t easy to gauge a single response about Nawal Mask. 

After checking other reliable review websites, there was not a single Narwal Mask Reviews to read. Perhaps, people are unaware of it, so they have not written anything regarding it. 

Right now, we cannot say much about its performance or how popular it is among consumers. 

Final Verdict

The Australia based company Redbubble is selling Nawal Mask, and it is marked an above-average company for its services and products. As of now, there’s no information on when this product came into existence. 

Quite enough people are following its designer, and it may be possible that they have liked this product too. But we haven’t discovered any particular recommendation. 

Therefore, because of the lack of Narwal Mask Reviewswe are not in a position to declare this product legit or a scam. Consumers should give a few minutes of research before buying this mask.

If you want to share your knowledge about the product, feel free to pen down in the feedback section. 

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