Net Worth Kylie Jenner 2022 {Feb} Know Her Income Source

Latest News Kylie Jenner 2022

Kylie Jenner is the topic of interest here. If you want to read about Net Worth Kylie Jenner 2022, read the complete article.

As we all know, the Kardashian family is supposed to be one of the wealthiest families in Hollywood. Right from ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ to numerous endorsements and projects, this family has turned into one of the wealthiest celebrities in Hollywood. 

In this article, we will see Net Worth Kylie Jenner 2022, she may not be the highest earner among the Kardashians, but her net worth is at its peak this year. The Kardashian sisters have been known Worldwide for their lifestyle. Let us know more about the net worth of Kylie Jenner in this article. 

About Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is an American celebrity and a successful businesswoman. First appeared in Keeping up with the Kardashians, then later owning a personal business venture called Kylie Cosmetics, she has come a long way. She is the most followed woman on Instagram with a followers count of 309+ million. 

Net Worth Kylie Jenner 2022 has made her the youngest billionaire. Before this, even in the year 2019, she was the highest-earning celebrity earning 170 million dollars per annum. Kylie is the youngest in the Kardashians gang. 

Achievements of Kylie

At a very young age, she has become the highest-paid celebrity. Owning a cosmetics business has bought her utmost success. She has traded 51% of her business to Coty, where she received 600 million dollars. 

Apart from all the success, she is very popular, becoming the most followed woman on Instagram and the second most followed influencer overall. At just 24 years of life, she has almost lived most of it successfully. 

What is Net Worth Kylie Jenner 2022

Currently, Kylie Jenner’s Net worth is estimated at around 1 billion dollars. However, she is a self-made woman, earning such a passive income. Her earnings are basically from her modeling, endorsements, business ventures, Tv shows, etc. In the last year, her annual income was around 700 million dollars. 

The whole Kardashian gang is known for its rich lifestyle and their presence over social media. However, over the whole last decade, the Kardashian-Jenner has created their massive empire in the world of lifestyle and fashion.


As we know, the Net Worth Kylie Jenner 2022 has created a history in Hollywood. But apart from this, Kylie has caught up in several controversies all her life. She was with Travis Scott from 2017 to 2019, wherein she gave birth to a daughter when she was 21 years old. While again, she got together with Travis in 2020, and recently they have welcomed their second child together. There are several such controversies about Kylie, including lying about her net worth. 


We have discussed the life of Kylie Jenner and her Net Worth at present. With the overall information, we can say that the Net Worth Kylie Jenner 2022 is estimated at around 1 billion dollars. Furthermore, she has remarked her name as the youngest celebrity in the history of Hollywood. 

She has achieved quite a massive success at a very young age. She has enormous fans not only online but offline. Do you want to learn more about Kylie Jenner’s Net worth? You can go to this link.  

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