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Read about a recently launched website Netotoso .com .BR speaks about pain and showcases the pictures of Felipe Neto.

Did you check the FAQ section of the Netotoso website that speaks about the pain and says, ‘Please grab the pain, it’s minimal?’ Did you notice that the ‘About’ section of the Netotoso website asks its viewers to think about what they want to see on the web page? 

Did you know that the Netotoso website asked users to send their skill-sets for serving Brazil website? Let’s scrutinize Netotoso .com .BR.


Netotoso’s website was launched eight days back on 14th February 2022. The life expectancy of Netotoso is unclear as no data pertaining to domain expiry was found. Netotoso had achieved a 50% trust score. However, it has a Zero Alexa Rank. 


The owner of the website is unknown. However, the content of the website is written by John and Steven. Unfortunately, John and Steven’s identity and last names were not published, making them mysterious.

The contact details of the owner of the website are unknown. The contact page of Netotoso .com .BR showed fake contact numbers in the patterns- 123456789 and 987654321. Additionally, the specified email address is also fake, reflecting the mailbox of

Mystery of Netotoso website:

However, there is a message window from which users can send a message, and it is working. When you click on the send message button, a map is displayed with a location pointing to 2880 Broadway, New York, NY 10025, USA. 

The website is only suggested for experienced internet users as it scored 49/100 on phishing and threat profiles. Additionally, Netotoso .com .BR has a considerable malware, spam, and suspicion score. Hence, sending messages from an inbuilt window is not suggested.

Netotoso Content:

The home page of the Netotoso website shows pictures of kids, grown-ups, family members, and the picture of a famous YouTuber- Felipe Neto. The home page starts with the line ‘Know the mysterious life of Felipe Neto.’ 

Felipe was born on 21st January 1988 at Rio de Janeiro to a Portuguese and a Brazilian father. Felipe holds dual citizenship. Felipe is a famous YouTuber with more than 43 million followers and more than 12.8 billion views. 

Netotoso .com .BR Focused on Felipe Neto:

His first YouTube channel reached 17 million subscribers, and most of the videos were related to humor and vlogging about films, celebrities, etc. Recently, Felipe announced his breakup with Bruna Gomes in December 2021. 

The apparent purpose of the Netotoso website and who had published the pictures of Felipe is still unknown.


The mission, goals, and vision statement of states, ‘ The pain itself is loving, the main storage system. As the earth grows, neither bears a lot of pain, the lion’s impact on the couch.’ This line is repeated on all sections of Netotoso .com .BR. misutilized the last name of Felipe Neto  and misinformed that website was established in 1995. Hence, Netotoso is potentially a scam and hoax.

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