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New Hyde Park Accident {May} Discover What Happened!

The article will provide you with the latest details on the New Hyde Park Accident. You may visit the full article to know the details.

Did you hear about the accident at New Hyde park? Do you know the injured people? A fatal accident occurred at New Hyde Park, New York, United States. Three ladies were declared dead at the scene, whereas other people, including the driver, were injured. The injured passenger was taken to hospital. The driver was charged with three counts. The news was furnished by various online sources.

Let’s know about the New Hyde Park Accident.

How Incident Happened?

The group of people was leaving their granddaughter’s sweet sixteen party at The Inn. They got into the car, and after five minutes, the car crashed. The driver of the Mercedes-Benz was found intoxicated and hit the Lincoln Town Car. The Lincoln Town car included five passengers, and three of them died. The accident took place at 11:10 pm on Jericho Turnpike near The Inn.

 The 22 years old driver of the Mercedes-Benz, Dante Lennon of Freeport, was charged and arrested for vehicular assault, driving during intoxication, and vehicular manslaughter. The driver was taken to the hospital for treatment of life threatening injuries.

New Hyde Park Inn Accident

After the news went viral through social networks and sites, people worldwide searched for the full details regarding victims and drivers. The driver of Lincoln Town Car and two other passengers were injured and treated in the hospital. They are currently in a stable state. The accident took place on Jericho Turnpike near The Inn.

After the group left their granddaughter’s party, they got into a fatal crash. The female passenger who died in the accident was sitting in the car’s back seat. There are no details like their name being revealed yet. The driver is arrested for a Fatal Car Accident New Hyde Park. The injured people are now safe.

More information

Considering the fatal crash, the police have scheduled a conference on Monday afternoon. The conference is scheduled to discuss the crash, and more information will be released on this matter. Currently, the revealed information is limited. These reports are from online sources. The guard witnessed the incident and told news channels the full report.

The guard and other people living nearby heard the sound of a crash. Dante Lennon will not be present for arrangements on Sunday as he is hospitalized. The accident happened on Saturday at around 11:10 pm. Car Accident New Hyde Park left the people shocked as the car had just departed ten minutes from the destination.


The article will give you brief details on the fatal crash near The Inn at New Hyde Park. Three females were announced dead at the moment. The driver and other passengers were injured. They are treated and are in a stable situation. The police booked the driver who hit the car of a five-passenger. To know more about accident, visit this link.

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