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The post here talks about the Newprofilepicture com App and elaborates on other related details.

Are you too intrigued about the New Profile Pic App that has turned viral Worldwide? It is to be noted that all social media platforms, including Twitter, are stormed with posts about the application being a scam. 

Besides, a warning is also raised for all Facebook users against using the application believed to be capturing and stealing data. In this article, we will look into what is Newprofilepicture com App and other details.

What is New Profile Picture App?

To begin with, it is to be understood that the New Profile Pic App is an application developed by Informatics Laboratories inc. They are the same company that also created similar apps like Toonarts etc.

The app utilizes AI facial recognition to transform users’ pictures into a new art or cartoon format. Besides, you can also share the image on social media. Continue following the article for more details.

However, the Newprofilepicture com Website and App are incorrect, and the actual application name is New Profile Pic App which is also available on the Google Play store. In the coming sections, we will be elaborating further on the application and other details.

Why is the New Profile Pic App trending?

Many users update their profile pictures using the app Worldwide, as per sources. Thus, the app is lately trending across the internet. However, not many are aware of the information, including their facial dimension, sent to the company registered in Moscow, Russia. Besides, the app uses AI technology to find key points on an image and create an entirely new version.

Newprofilepicture com App – Know More Details The App

The application is available on Google Playstore by the name of New Profile Pic App. In contrast, in Apple’s App Store in the United States, it is called NewProfilePic Picture Editor. Its application is developed by Informe Laboratories Inc.

However, the app is registered with Linerock Investments, which is a company based in Moscow, Russia. Besides, it is yet unclear if the website and app are affiliated, states the Global Cybersecurity Advisor, Jake Moore.

Besides, Newprofilepicture com Website is invalid and does not direct to the application’s page. The app is stated to capture user information and share it with the company in Moscow, which is situated close to the Russian Ministry of Defence. Hence users are warned from using the application.

Final Conclusion

Each application provides a unique feature that ends up turning viral among the users. However, it also exposes users to malicious activities, where their data and security information can be captured.

The same is warned for the Newprofilepicture com App that is stated to be a scam by experts and not to use it. Do you want to know more about the application and why it is in the news? Do read.

Have you too used the application? Do share with us your feedback and views in the comments section.

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