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NFT Bored Bunny {Jan} A Series Characters Based Project

This article describes an NFT collection of characters based on the murder mystery theme and the events associated with its release. Read on NFT Bored Bunny.

Are you looking for a mysterious theme-based non-fungible token? Then you might have heard about the release of unique characters developed using blockchain technology.

Crypto enthusiasts and unique art collectors from Australia, Canada, United States and United Kingdom are looking forward to adding the newly released unique art collections to their collection list. The value of the art is based on the demand for the art and can be brought using Solana cryptocurrency. Keep reading this article to know about NFT Bored Bunny.

About Bored Bunnies Collection

The collection of bored bunnies consists of two thousand two hundred and twenty-two uniquely mintable cartoon characters built using the Solana blockchain. Murder mystery is the theme used to develop the collection of various bunnies.

A wide variety of bunnies are created, and every bunny is unique from the others; each bunny’s value also differs according to the supply and demand in the NFT marketplace. As a result, there are over two hundred unique traits behind the large bunny collection. Additionally, each bunny has a different murder mystery story behind the character.

NFT Bored Bunny

  • The first season of the Bored Bunny series consists of various bunnies with a unique murder mystery character.
  • The mystery associated with each bunny is discussed on the official discord and twitter platforms to improve the quality of interaction between the Bored Bunny creators and its community members.
  • The NFTs were created by a team of three digital creators, Zlot, Ingrid and Walter Smidge. Ingrid is the leading artist of this NFT project; he is also a designer and digital illustrator. Zlot is the team lead; moreover, he is an expert in coding and designing.

Where to Buy a Bored Bunny?

  • NFT Bored Bunny can be purchased using Exchange.art and Magic Eden online marketplace. Currently, season one of the NFT collection is sold out.
  • The NFT miners are rewarded with a prize money pool of 18 SOL.
  • The new users who missed the Bored Bunny season one need to wait until season two is released. Stay updated with their official social media handles such as Twitter and discord for more official information from the team.

Popular Bored Bunnies

  • The character name and the mystery associated with each bunny makes this NFT collection more exciting and valuable. Learn more about NFT Bored Bunny.
  • The famous bunnies are The Sheriff of Bunnyton, Angela Lansbunny, Death, Drexyl Rabbey, Father Rabbitson, Liza Bunelli, The Oracle and Rabbitkazam.
  • The characteristics of bunnies are also impressive. A few other bunnies to mention are Normal Bunny 2518, Bunny, HolidayJump, DreddZombunny and Bun Corleone. Currently, all these bunnies mentioned above are sold out.


NFT collections are gaining massive acceptance among the NFT space as it helps the NFT community members participate in various NFT based activities. To know more about the topic, please visit.

Have you purchased any NFTs similar to NFT Bored Bunny? If yes, please comment your opinion about the topic.

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