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This article describes a collection of non-fungible art tokens generated using thousands of different profile pictures. Read more on the NFT Interfaces.

Are you interested in a non-fungible collection that involves various collections of profile pictures? If so, keep reading this article covering all the essential details of the topic mentioned above.

Art enthusiasts Worldwide are eagerly looking to find ways to buy various rare art collections that will give them exposure to take part in some exciting art collection that has been trending in the crypto space recently. Read this article till the end to learn all the relevant information associated with NFT Interfaces.

About Web Generated Modular Interfaces (WGMI)

WGMI consists of a collection of 10,000 profile pictures that are randomly generated. The release date or other official information associated with the sales, distribution, prices, airdrops, etc., are not mentioned on the official WGMI website.

The WGMI NFT consists of various art collections that can represent multiple images of different meanings and representations. The project aims the token holders the privilege to own the art collection. Therefore, the token’s value may vary with time depending on the supply and demand of that particular NFT.

NFT Interfaces

  • The WGMI hasn’t much information available from the official website as the website is still under basic construction and suggests the release of ten thousand NFTs.
  • The official Twitter handle posts various short videos related to the NFTs.
  • The WGMI NFTs include various 3D images of digital arts that represent various new animation characters with entirely different shapes and backgrounds.
  • The first video describing the NFT collection was posted on 17th December 2021, supporting the fans and followers for their immense support. The video received massive support and acceptance among the followers.


  • NFT Interfaces art collections were developed by Anna Kajda, Arek Kajda and Daniel Linthwaite. All of them are artists, illustrators, and designers.
  • The creators of the collectors have developed various art collections before starting the WGMI NFT initiative.
  • The three main individuals behind the project have created top arts in the past that will add more value to the upcoming NFT collections.

How to Get WGMI NFTs?

  • The whitelisting of various wallets is going on, and no detailed information related to the whitelisting process is mentioned on their official social media platforms. Learn more on the NFT Interfaces.
  • The WGMI has provided the followers with a spreadsheet that helps to track the whitelisted ones. In addition, the spreadsheet provides all approval requests of Pre-Public Mint.
  • The spreadsheet currently has a list of 1656 users who got approvals. 
  • The spreadsheet has two rows in which the left row mentions the Twitter Ids of the users while the right row mentions the reasons.


NFT art collections with meaningful concepts and ideas tend to attract the attention of the NFT community members. To know more about this topic, please visit.

Have you come across any NFTs similar to NFT Interfaces? If yes, please comment below about your insights on this topic.

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