NFT Ugly Ass (January 2022) Hand Drawn Art Collection!

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The guide shares details about the new NFT Ugly Ass to help investors know about the NFT-inspired art collection.

People interested in NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens often invest in the NFT inspired merchandise and assets. Every day a new NFT based collection is launched to attract NFT investors and collectors. 

Recently, investors in Brazil have found a new NFT inspired collection called Ugly Ass. It is the NFT inspired hand-drawn collection re-mastered virtually. The collection is only available on the DESO Blockchain platform.

The collection will soon launch Ugly Ass Hoodies and T-Shirts after each drop with the NFT on them. Investors are now attracted to the NFT Ugly Ass and want to know more about it. 

What is Ugly Ass?

Ugly Ass NFT is the newly launched hand-drawn art collection by ReFined Enterprises, LLC. The art collection is based on NFT, and it is re-mastered virtually and available for purchasing on DESO Blockchain. 

The first drop of the art collection claims to offer Ugly Ass graphic t-shirts and hoodies with the NFT logo on them. So, Brazil investors are now preparing to get their customized Ugly Ass Hoodies and T-Shirts during the drop.  

To get the customized Hoodies and T-Shirts, investors are required to send a message on the official Twitter page. Custom Ugly Ass Hoodies and T-Shirts are available on request.

What Are the Benefits of Buying NFT Ugly Ass Merchandise?

If you are NFT investors and holders, you will love investing in the newly launched NFT-based art collection. Ugly Ass investors will enjoy multiple benefits:

  • Firstly, the investors can request customized merchandise from the Twitter page.
  • The first buyer will get a bonus like 100% of the NFT sale can be used to buy the Ugly Ass NFT Coins, and 50% of the transaction will be transferred to the winning bidder.  
  • There is also a discount of 25% for the holders who will hold the NFT Ugly Ass longer. The utility will also be transferred to the new owner of NFT after resale.  

What are the Different Ways to Request Custom Ugly Ass Merchandise?

After the first drop, the creators will be lowering the FR to 9%, and the Graphic T-Shirts and Hoodies will be made available on multiple platforms. 

Initially, it will be available for the DESO platform, and the first drop of the collection will be available for sale on If you are interested in buying and investing in the art collection or request custom NFT Ugly Ass T’s and Hoodies, you may use the following links:

  • Diamond App – @UglyAss
  • Twitter – @UglyAssCo
  • Email –
  • Polygram –

You need to have $DESO to buy the art collection in the first drop and avail the discounts and offers. 


Ugly Ass NFT is trending, and it is making news amongst the investors. The NFT project has launched an art collection that is re-mastered digitally and available on $DESO. 

The NFT Ugly Ass project is set to launch customized NFT inspired Hoodies and T-shirts, available after the first drop with NFT on them. So, gear up for buying the art collection in the first drop. 

Do you have any updates to share about Ugly Ass NFT? Please, share it in the comment section. 

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