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NFT Zodiacs {Jan} Read Its Features, Buying Details!

This article describes a crypto gaming token and non-fungible tokens that provide gaming and staking rewards to its efficient gamers. Read on NFT Zodiacs.

Are you interested in purchasing non-fungible tokens based on different astrological signs? If yes, read this article till the end to understand more about this blockchain-based game that provides the users with a different gaming experience.

Crypto gamers from Brazil, Portugal, and Vietnam are excited by introducing a wide variety of gaming themes and potential reward concepts into the gaming space. This crypto project focuses on a racing game with multiple options provided to its gamers. Read on NFT Zodiacs.

About Zodiacs

Zodiacs are a blockchain-based online game that provides gamers with the facility to purchase different in-game NFTs. This racing game facilitates the gamers to collect cars with different Zodiac signs. The cars are designed in 12 different sign images, components and drivers.

Zodiac games set a game engine to set a standard rule used to calculate the race winners. The gaming token associated with Zodiac is ZDC, and ZDC is a gaming utility token used to purchase different gaming components and NFTs according to the current market price.

NFT Zodiacs

  • The user needs to purchase a car using the ZDC token to participate in gaming events.
  • The car’s level increases with the player’s performance in each battle.
  • The time duration of each battle is set to 30 seconds.
  • The player needs to put their maximum effort in this 30 second Battle Field race.
  • Each player is rewarded according to their performance.
  • The reward for the winners consists of Experience Points, Fragments and Tokens.
  • The current price of ZDC is $0.09699, and the Market Cap is $2,147,523. The token also has a Self-Reported Circulating Supply of 21,000,000 ZDC.


  • Kevin Doan is the founder of NFT Zodiacs.
  • David Nguyen is the co-founder of this project.
  • Mike Tran is in charge of marketing.
  • Thuy Chi is a designer.
  • Jack Trinh is a developer.

 How to Buy and Play?

  • Visit the official website of Zodiac games.
  • As the Zodiac contracts use Binance Smart Chain, the user needs to provide a minimal amount of BNB as gas fees.
  • The website needs to be connected with wallets such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
  • The wallet connected by the user must have some BNB tokens.
  • In addition to BNB tokens, the player also needs to have 2000 ZDC tokens to participate in this game. Read about NFT Zodiacs.
  • The player can use these ZDC tokens to generate more ZDC tokens for staking purposes.

ZDC Staking

  • Visit ‘My Zodiac’ from the main menu.
  • Choose a car by providing enough gas fees.
  • Select the staking option.
  • Select Zodiacs stacking and choose the car to be staked.
  • Enter the staking period and the ZDC amount.
  • The staking rewards are credited to the user’s wallet.


NFT based gaming projects are gaining popularity among the gamers of the crypto community as they provide good gaming rewards, including tokens. To know more about this token, please visit.

Have you tried to purchase any gaming NFTs similar to NFT Zodiacs? If yes, please comment below about your experience.

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