Nhanquahe Com (March 2022) Read About The Gift Packages

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This article below has complete details related to Nhanquahe Com, a newly created online platform that claims to give gift packages and diamonds to users.

Do you look for online options to get gifts or receive rewards? Are you looking to earn in one click of the mouse?

Many online platforms across Vietnam and  other global areas claim to reward users and subscribers but are not valid.

If you want to receive gift packages through Nhanquahe Com, you must check the information below and find if its claims are genuine or false.

Does Nhanquahe offer gift packages?

A claim by Nhanquahe’s online platform, users can get gifts as early as five minutes. You may fill up specific details in the fields provided on Nhanquahe’s online platform.

These details are the financial information of the users that they need to give to claim the gift offered by Nhanquahe.

It is an easy way to receive gifts or perks, and Nhanquahe offers to its every user. It has specific top-ups that users must do and enjoy their gift packages.

What is Nhanquahe Com?

Nhanquahe is a newly emerged online gift offering platform that allows users to receive gift packages by topping up with a certain amount,

They can get Ak Blue Dragon, 15 250 Diamonds, and once the user completes the top-up. The top-up suggested by Nhanquahe is about 100 thousand.

Users usually are offered to receive summer gifts and top up diamonds when a top-up is done. But, you must check Nhanquahe’s official online platform to know the details offered by the creators. 

And, also check if it is worth topping up through the official online platform of Nhanquahe Com.

What are the denominations offered by Nhanquahe? 

Nhanquahe offers many gift packages, with certain top denominations claiming and getting it in their IDs within five seconds.

The denominations given by Nhanquahe are as follows:

  • With 50 000, users get 3050 diamonds.
  • With 100 000, users get 9150 diamonds and gift packs.
  • With 200 000, users get 15 260 diamonds and gift packs.
  • With 500 000, users get 50 100 diamonds and gift packs.

But, users must check the trustworthiness of Nhanquahea and verify certain factors before claiming gift packages. So, you go to Nhanquahe Com to find additional details.

Which financial details fo Nhanquahe ask for?

Nhanquahe asks users and visitors to fill up specific details to get gift packages and diamonds. The financial details that users need to fill up are as follows:

  • Card Type- Viettel, Mobifone, and Vinafone.
  • Denominations- 50 000, 100 000, 200 000, and 500 000.
  • game ID
  • Identity Card
  • Seri Number 

Once filling in these details, you can claim and tap on refund diamond.

Is Nhanquahe a trustworthy online platform?

The trust score of Nhanquahe is just one percent. So, be careful while dealing with it.


Nhanquahe Com is an online platform that gives gift packages and diamonds after users top up with a particular denomination as suggested.

 The summer gifts offered by Nhanquahe include pack 15 250 diamonds, Demon Yaksha Pack, Fire Fist Pack, Skin Scar Tital Class, Alok Yaksha Pack, Skin MP40 Bich Gold, Famas Yaksha Lv7, and many more.

However, before dealing with it, you must tap here and check more about Nhanquahe.

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