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Nicfixdoctor com Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It A Legit Site?

Nicfixdoctor com Reviews 2020.

Nicfixdoctor com Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It A Legit Site? >> To know legacy before buying any product and related concerns, read the article on Nicfixdoctor.

Do you think highly addictive substance like nicotine is suitable to readily available in the market? They follow government norms in their terms and conditions like age limit but do those sellers or buyers stick entirely to these norms? 

If you think that these types of nicotine-based products are sufficient to sell online and nothing is wrong with it, go through Nicfixdoctor com Reviews to get more over the products that amaze the buyers.        

This website is delivering nicotine-based products in the United States with complete customer satisfaction along with cheap prices. In this way, you’ll check the site subtle elements within the article and choose on the off chance that you need to buy anything from the site

What do they sell?

This website is Sells different products as per the customer demand. The content of nicotine varies on the type of product that generally contains, on an average, 5% of nicotine in the form of pod and bars.

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Product Specification


  • It is a device that uses a vapor pod with the content of nicotine about 5%.
  • It has high customer demand.

Vuse Alto

  • It is a similar to Jull but smaller in size as compare to Jull.
  • It is easy to handle.
  • It is degradable, which is good for the environment.

Puff Bar

  • It is degradable.
  • Easy to hide and can fit in any small pockets.
  • Contains 5% nicotine strength.

Puff Plus

  • It is an upgraded version of the puff bar.
  • Long-lasting and variety of flavors.
  • We have 5% nicotine strength.

Puff XXL

  • Having long-lasting battery life.
  • 5% nicotine content.

Puff Bars

  • It has some unique flavors.
  • One of the bestselling POP.

Cali Bar

  • It is the least rated and disposable bar.
  • It has fabulous taste uses vape juice.


  • It has a great airflow system.
  • Having the highest content of nicotine among all with 6% strength.

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Website Specifications:

  • Type of Website: e commercial 
  • Web link:
  • Delivering: As per Nicfixdoctor com Reviews, Shipping is decided as per your checkout after buying the product.
  • A contact form is provided to get quick replies.
  • E-mail ID:
  • Mode of Instalment: You’ll pay utilizing UPI, Net Keeping money, Charge, and Credit cards.

Pros of website

  • Full customer Satisfaction at low prices.
  • Variety of products with different content of nicotine in it.
  • They are providing exciting and attractive discounts by purchasing multiple products.
  • They are restricting selling by following age limit norms.
  • They have already warned the customer before buying so that if any adverse effect happens, they are not responsible.
  • They deliver the product and let the customer give feedback.

Website Cons

  • There is no verification of buyers of their age limit while selling products.
  • Nicfixdoctor com Reviews is there on the website.
  • It is addictive, which is terrible for human health.
  • They are promoting such harmful products among people who negatively influence buyers.
  • You must be having a proper medical prescription from the physician.
  • No side effects of the products are mentioned.

Is this website legit?

The site age is when the site enrolled itself plays a critical part in choosing its authenticity. Separated from this, the mail address, client care number, and other data on the website’s arrangements are too basic.

It is not mentioned how old this website is running, which is exceptionally suspicious. Other off-base signals are that you simply don’t get sufficient data on the site proprietor and the company. Moreover, as per Nicfixdoctor com Reviews, they have fewer customer reviews without commenting that it can’t be trusted completely.

As they are having fewer reviews like they are having either single or no rating over the products. Therefore we request the users to kindly go through their privacy policy and terms and conditions thoroughly before buying the product.

What does the consumer say?

The customers are generally based on the United States location that is having such a good population. However, we still can see that there is no comment available on the website’s review section, although they have provided a comment section on the website.

Nicfixdoctor com Reviews do not have any proper response from the customer.


Overall by analyzing all the details shown on the website and the entire customer reviews, this website is not entirely trusted among users and slightly suspicious.

So, it is not legit, and spending a considerable amount by purchasing products from this website might be a wrong move for buyers without knowing much about this website.

We would feel happy to know your thoughts and suggestions on Nicfixdoctor com Reviews.

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