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Nigelily com Reviews UK [July] Is this a Scam Website?

Nigelily com Reviews UK

Nigelily com Reviews UK [July] Is this a Scam Website? >> This article will talk about a website selling modern kitchen appliances and accessories.

Have you ever thought of online shopping of Kitchen Supplies, Home Security, Home Appliance, Outdoor, Health & Beauty? These days there are many Website available online. For your benefit, we have done a study of one such Website.This Website sells products like Kitchen Supplies, Home Security, Home Appliance, Outdoor, Health & Beauty, etc. We are going to study the Website with the help of Nigelily com Reviews UK.

  • This study is performed for visualizing the Website of the United Kingdom.
  • Our study will yield in detail all the information needed for placing an order from the online shop.
  • If you are thinking to buy the products from, then this study will prove to be right for you.
  • When we are directly clicking on many icons of products, only one figure is showing the right image of one daily usable item.
  • This research is detailed, and you will feel astonished by knowing all the factors about the Website. As scam websites are increasing these days, this research will help you in making the right buying decision. 

What is Nigelily com? is an online store to purchase Kitchen Supplies, Home Security, Home Appliance, Outdoor, Health & Beauty, etc. Our study gives reasons why should you not shop directly without prior research from here?

One cannot and should not presume the authenticity of the Website without the study of the same. We have done this study for you. We have found out that the Website has a lot of flaws and you should be cautious while buying anything from it. 

Specifications of

  • Website Type: kitchen appliances and other accessories
  • Name of the Company: Coobuy Limited
  • Address of the company: 360Manchester Business Park 3000 Aviator way Manchester.Lancashire England M22 STG
  • Standard Shipping: From China, Free below a certain amount 
  • Product processing time: Not mentioned
  • Shipping time: 8 to 14 natural days 
  • Shipping fee information – World-wide FREE 
  • Return Policy: Products can be returned within 30 days with prior permission
  • Payment Modes: Not Mentioned
  • Website ID:
  • Telephone Number: 877-2534927
  • Email ID:
  • Contact Email ID for Support:

Pros of buying products from Nigelily

  • Website is detailing with many products from one place.
  • Shipping below a particular amount is free
  • Option of world-wide shipping is available
  • All the products are available at a discounted price

Cons of buying Products from Nigelily

  • Cash on delivery is not mentioned
  • By clicking icons, only one product is accessible
  • Website is only 8 months old
  • Social media icon is not included in the Website
  • The customer review section is not found in the Website
  • owner information is missing from the Website

Is website Legit or Scam

On the first impression of the study of Nigelily com Reviews UK website, presents a bad image of Website. All the products are not presented in the Website. Website does not appear to be Legit because of three main reasons. First, cash on delivery is not available. Secondly, by clicking icons, only one product is accessible, thirdly Website is only 8 months old.

What are the customers saying about

Based on our study, we found that no provision is available in the Website regarding customer reviews about the Website of the company. However, for your support, we did further research and found that many reports are available on the internet regarding the site. reviews are not very positive about the company. The Website has too many loopholes due to which it is not popular among online customers. Some of the customers have shown their rage and declared that the Website is a scam. 

Final Verdict

It is not safe to place an order directly via viewing the site because of Launching date of site is recent. Also, not much customer reviews are available on the site. There is a lot of information showing a red flag to the Website. As the Website is recently built, not much information has been gained about it. But because of so many faults, it can be concluded that the Website seems to be a scam. 

Moreover, the Website appears to be in its preliminary state because of presentation is not matching with the details of the product given. Company is of China, but manufacturing address is of the UK, and all the transactions of goods and money is via China. 

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  1. I put in an order with this website. I asked them to cancel the order on the 11th May. They responded asking if I’m sure to which I responded yes.

    Fast forward to last week, I recieved the item in the post with the box clearly stating a dispatch date of 15th May. I emailed the company back, to which they stated I cannot have a refund as I now have the item and maybe I can give it to a friend, have a nice day.

    Avoid the company at all costs

  2. I was disappointed with the order I received. I ordered a doll Journey was her name
    and it came with a bottle and soother. It was 17inches in length, what I received
    was a doll that was about 7inches long with a vest thing on and it would scare the life out of the
    Child it was for. I would appreciate either my money back or the doll I should have got.
    I expect you to reply quickly.

    Thank you
    Louise Wilson

    1. I ordered the journey doll same as lady above and got back the exact same doll as her,I kept hoping it was a mistake and the real doll would arrive,so I suppose I can say bye to my money, this is the third time I’ve been scammed in less than a year,just ordered some dishes hoping that it’s not a scam ,thank you Susan McGovern.

  3. I also bought a doll Journey and mine too is a 7 inch rubber doll…no bottle, no hair, does not move. It looks like a 1.00 doll from the dollar store!!!I too want 38.either the 29.00 dollar doll I ordered or my

  4. I am extremely angry- I received my “item” yesterday. My order was for a 17” posable- soft- real life looking newborn monkey. What I received is a 7” hard resin painted monkey statue with some orange nylon glued on it for hair! Its disgusting! I paid $30.00! Do not purchase from this company!

  5. Where is my comment re: my complaint re: the $30.00, 7” monkey I received? I too, expect a full refund!

  6. I ordered a doll Journey from this company and I was shocked at what I received. She was suppose to be 17″ long and she was only 7″ long. She was suppose to have a pacifier, bottle, clothes and hand rooted hair. All of this was FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!! I am truly disappointed in this company! Even the phone number does NOT work. I will NOT be ordering from them again!

  7. Yo compre una Muñeca mona Con una Hermosa Descripción para jugar y me llegó Una de cerámica pequeña he tratado de devolverla .La descripción de los video y todo lo que promueven es mentira te mandan otra cosa y a la hora de devolverla que si el 10 ,% 20 %que si el 30 ,% .Me devuelven el 100% cuando devuelva la ceramica que mandaron y que casi siempre se extravía en el camino
    Tengo muchas pruebas

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