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Nintgame com Reviews [June] Is this a Scam Website?


Nintgame com Reviews [June] Is this a Scam Website? >> In this website, you will get to know about an online site that offers various items like Nintendo games, systems, and accessories.

Hi, all. Are you searching for a website that sells games, accessories, and joy-con controllers? Well, we must say that you need to have a look at this website.

This website is operating among the people of the United States.

Today, we are going to provide you with Nintgame com Reviews and ratings so that you can know the legitimacy of the website before you purchase anything from the site.

What is Nintgame com? 

This website deals with various systems, including joy-con and controllers, games, accessories, Nintendo Labo, and refurbished.

Some of the best-selling items that you can view on the website are- Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con; Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con; Nintendo Switch: Fortnite- Double Helix Bundle; Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Set and; many such exciting things like that.

Moreover, on this website, you will be getting two days of shipping and free return. We also want to suggest that before you purchase from the site, you need to go through all the specifications and Nintgame com Reviews and make the decision accordingly.

Specifications of Nintgame com:

  • Website-
  • Mail
  • Payment method-PayPal, credit card
  • Refund- 5 working days
  • Return and exchange- 14 days

Pros of buying from Nintgame com:

  • The website is providing the items on the website lesser than the MRP.
  • Besides payment from PayPal, credit card payments are also made.
  • HTTPS protocols have been detected on this site, assuring that the traffic between the consumer and the website is encrypted.
  • This website generally claims to deliver items on the doorstep.

Cons of buying from Nintgame com:

  • Ratings and reviews of the consumers have not been provided on the website.
  • It is not an authorized seller of the Nintendo brand like it is claiming.
  • We have also found that there are lots of contents that are given on the website to match the various scam sites.

Is Nintgame com Legit or not?

After having researched thoroughly about Nintgame com Reviews, we have concluded that it is a scam website.

The reason for our conclusion is as follows:

The website was designed in a very rough manner.

The listed products on the website for sale purposes offered a considerable discount price that seems dubious.

It has not secured its official website with the help of security services like McAfee, Norton, etc. Since all the information are not given, so if you shop through this website, then there is a possibility that someone might steal your financial and personal information.

HTTPS protocols have been detected on this particular site. It helps the users to protect against attacks of MitM that is launched from insecure and compromised networks.

This is not a very popular website, and so it does not have too much traffic.

What are people saying about Nintgame com?

This website is very new, so we are losing adequate data to conclude whether it is legitimate or a fake site. Regarding the Nintgame com Reviews and ratings of the website, we have not found any on the website.

This shopping website has been created less than four months ago, and this website is considered to be a very young, so it might not have enough details to check the website’s authenticity. One should not buy things from the website that has been recently launched.

Final Verdict

These days it has become a trend that lots of new online websites claim to sell various items at a considerable discount. So at the end of this Nintgame com Reviews, we recommend you keep bay with such a scam website.

If you came across a website where you find the things displayed over there appealing, then you need to do thorough research before you had purchased items from these new online stores.

There are incidents that some online stores that are scammed have charged the credit card of people without their permission. If you ever had purchased from any scam site, you need to immediately contact the bank and credit card Company to secure the credit card information.

Again, we want to say that if you ever come across such a scam website, you need to spread awareness to your acquaintances about not purchasing items from the scam site.

It is better to shop from renowned online stores so that you are saved from such online scams. It would help if you moreover did some research before having purchased from unknown online stores.


  1. I ordered a switch. They say they ship from new Jersey, but after filling a complaint with PayPal they supposedly shipped it from China. They don’t reply to communication. They also guarantee two day shipping, but it has been a week and I have no idea where my merchandise is. I would advise against ordering from this company.

  2. I just purchased an item from this website. I didn’t do my due diligence investigating them thoroughly. I am optimistic that my item will be shipped, but after reading this review, I feel like I may have been scammed. I will post on whether or not they follow through.

  3. i bought from this website and i’m starting to regret it. what should i do besides contact my bank. thank you.

  4. I have also made a purchase on June 27th, and right away requested the refund after realizing it was not the V2 version of the switch. I have been trying to reach them since, and have not hear back. Because I made the purchase through paypal, I submitted an issue with them, and this morning I received an email from paypal saying that the item was shipped. I don’t know now what to do, since I have no clue to address I should ship it back, no email communication with them whatsoever, and phone that does not work.
    My dumb ass in a rush of trying to guarantee a switch, that’s what happened. I am pissed.

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