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Nishiki Boss RO-Ghoul Alpha {Oct} Exciting Game Insight!

Gaming Tips Nishiki Boss RO-Ghoul Alpha

This article describes a game based on the anime genre that provides gamers with different gaming options to select from. Read on Nishiki Boss RO-Ghoul Alpha.

Are you interested in animation games that provide different varieties of features to the gamers? If so, you might have come across this trending anime-based game that offers gamers a mesmerizing gaming adventure.

Gamers from the Philippines are highly excited to understand more about the features that this game provides. The reward program of this game has enhanced the game to reach more people in the gaming community. Read the article completely to get an insight about Nishiki Boss RO-Ghoul Alpha.

About Ro-Ghoul

Ro-Ghoul is a free-fighting game available on the Roblox gaming platform inspired by the famous anime Tokyo Ghoul. SushiWalrus is the creator of this game. This game provides the gamer with an opportunity to discover a wide variety of environments and objects.

This game also provides the gamers two different choices to select from the members of CCG and Ghoul. The object available to the player entirely depends upon the faction of the player. The objective of Ghoul and CCG is altogether different. Ghoul can engage in genocide or live peacefully.

Nishiki Boss RO-Ghoul Alpha 

  • Nishiki is a sort of balanced kagune in defence, speed and damage. It is similar in function to that of bikaku RC-type present in the Tokyo Ghoul.
  • The general presence of Nishiki is similar to that of a serpent’s tail.
  • There are a total of four kagunes at the starting of the game, including Nishiki.
  • The other three kagunes present in the game are Tsukiyama, Touka and Kaneki.
  • The playstyle of this game is known as Slow Melee Burst.
  • The RC type of this game is Bikaku.

Stages Available and Gaming Moves

  • There are mainly three stages present in the Nishiki Boss RO-Ghoul Alpha: Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3.
  • The first stage consists of sprouting of the tail from the tailbone. The tail is divided into two sections where the top of the tail consists of various sports veins and is darker, while the underside has a smaller protrusion that uses primary colour.
  • The gaming moves on this stage have a Click button for attacking, E, R and F buttons are used to perform different attack modes against the enemies.
  • The second stage has the kagune with twice the size compared to the first stage. Know more on Nishiki Boss RO-Ghoul Alpha.
  • The gaming moves are similar to the previous movements using the Click, E, R and F buttons, but the impact is stronger than last.
  • The third stage consists of an incomplete kakuja, and the user is provided with a kakuja face mask.
  • The gaming move on the third stage is much more vigorous compared to the previous two stages.


Anime based games are gaining massive acceptance as they provide gamers with a different and mesmerizing gaming experience. To understand more about this game and its features, please visit here.  

Have you tried to play any anime-based game having similar features to Nishiki Boss RO-Ghoul Alpha? If yes, please comment below your valuable opinion on the topic as mentioned above.

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