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Notice of Class Action Settlement Re Google Plus Scam

Notice of Class Action Settlement Re Google Plus Scam >> This article informs you about the legitimacy of the Class Action Settlement of Google Plus.

So, are you worried about that email you got recently from norepley@google.com? Do you want to find out the Notice of Class Action Settlement Re Google Plus Scam or Legit? Then this article will provide you with every ounce of details related to your question. 

People who have ever purchase any Google Plus product or service might have got this email from an official google account, and especially people of the United States are facing the struggle of the same. The email discusses people’s involvement in the lawsuit action, people who can claim against it, and what they will earn after they claim. 

What is the Class Action Settlement of Google Plus? 

Google has decided to pay back 7.5 million dollars to four different causes, such as agreement payments, attorney’s charges, four service rewards, and administration charges. The person who will match all the criteria of a useful claimer would receive 12 dollars. But only one claim is to be submitted by each class claimer. 

The remaining amount from 7.5 million dollars will be distributed to the Cy Pres Recipients chosen under court orders’ guidance. The amount will be credited to your account via PayPal and Digital Check. 

The settlement class for the same consist of people from the United States who had an account with Google+ between January 2015 and April 2019. And there are several other factors like non-public profile details exposition that makes anyone eligible for the claim. 

What are the terms of Class Action Settlement?

If you have ever faced any issue with google plus and are eligible to claim against it, they are providing 7.5 million dollars to make a settlement. If you are likely to argue, then you may get your portion of the amount. After that, you will never be able to claim against google anymore. 

What is the process of claiming? 

If you match the criteria written above, then you will become a member of the Settlement Class. Once you match all the four principles, you can fill up every detail of the claim form provided by www.googleplusdatalitigation.com. In case you want to do it offline, you may also courier the form into their official address. You need to fill the form before the 8th of October this year. 

What to do if you are not interested in the settlement? 

If you are not interested in the settlement, you have to fill up the opt-out form available on the website mentioned above. You can either fill the form or courier it to the official address of the google plus litigation office. 

Bottom Line

This article has discussed the essential facts of the class action settlement. The answer to your question Is Notice of Class Action Settlement Re Google Plus Scam or Legit? Then the answer is NO. It is not a scam email, and you can claim for the settlement if you are interested. You can also find other related information on the official website of Google plus. 

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