Novisor Among Us (Feb) All About Novisor Among Us!

Novisor Among Us 2021

Novisor Among Us (Feb) All About Novisor Among Us! >> In this post, you will come to know about an animation that has been gaining popularity across various countries.

Hey gamers, do you know about the legend of no-visor among us? In this Novisor Among Us post, you will learn about it in brief. 

So, we all see Among Us as one of the most popular games globally, and it also has a very different concept compared to other modern games. Therefore, many gamers show their creativity with this game. They are making mod applications, unlocking additional features, using various tactics to play among us in live stream, making funny animation videos and Among Us avatars.

Gamers from the United States, and many other countries also are fond of using their creativity using this game and making new things out of it. Let’s know more about what is this novisor in among us in this post. 

What is the Legend of Novisor Among Us?

You may be curious to know about this term. But, do you know – it is the mythical faceless ghost that is wandering to capture crewmates in the lobby. It is shown to be, in the animation series, and there are various animations based on among us in different platforms. 

No visor is a funny, mysterious, and horror animation that among us gamers find very relatable. You might also have heard about it recently because many streamers are also reacting to this animation. The fact that avatars are shown as living beings and have basic needs makes it more attractive for us to watch.

Novisor and the Among Us Game?

Is Novisor Among Us a recent update on the Among Us game, or is it a feature that has been introduced? Well, it is neither of it. It does not have to do anything from the Among Us game that you play with your friends or with anyone that you like playing. 

The legend of no visor is just an animation made for fun, especially for Among Us game lovers. It is made for gamers who love relating things to real life.

The veteran explains that the Novisor is originated as Aiden, a college student who plays Among Us before it was famous amongst the gamers. Unfortunately, he used to play it on a cursed laptop, and started being haunted by the faceless crewmates. 

Gamers Reviews on the Novisor Among Us

Most of the gamers, even from the United States, or any other part of the world have positively responded to this animation as it takes you to the world that does not exist. This animation is also used in many Among Us memes. Many gamers in the reviews are saying that no-visor is a Herobrine of Among Us. 

Final Verdict

Among Us animations are the best way to find out the imagination of gamers. It is suitable for the viewers to watch the avatars of the Among Us and doing conversation, singing, cracking jokes and stuff usually we do in everyday life. 

Do you also watch different among us animation stories? If yes, please tell us in the comment section below about your opinion on this topic. Also, please do share this Novisor Among Us post with others to let them know about the legend of no-visor. 


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    1. Hey, in among us I saw NORVISOR I quickly left the game and deleted among us it was terrible I was so scared I saw at 6:50 Sunday feb 28
      And still I am scared NORVISOR is real Ahhhhhh it is sooo scary this is how I look 😧😧😧😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱

    1. Hello Novisor. I was looking for you on the skeild. What happened to adein? Is he still alive? I want to see you in a match on among us. I’m ready…

  1. I’m sure it’s real, my game glitched because of him.. I heard No Visor, No Visor, No Visor multiple times with Florence. If Florence were here ask her. But the room got dark and we had no face and he called a meeting but all of us said No visor for 10 times. I got hacked and I got to the next lobby but he is THERE!!!!

    1. Sans, I believe you! I want to talk to no visor. I saw you a few times before, I think. I BELIEVE YOU! Now, what did no visor did to you?

  2. Hello Novisor. I was looking for you on the skeild. What happened to adein? Is he still alive? I want to see you in a match on among us. I’m ready…

  3. Hello Novisor. I wanted to see you in person on a match of among us. What happened to Adain? Is he still alive? I just wanted to talk to you, if you are really there…

  4. Hello Novisor. I wanted to meet you on a match on the Skeld on among us. Is Aidan still alive? I just want to see and talk to you. I’m ready.

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