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How Nurses Can Take Care of Their Health While Living Abroad

Nurses Living Abroad: As a nurse, you are aware of the importance of taking care of your health whatever your circumstances. If you are living overseas and your family is a continent away, you may feel less supported and need to be reminded of the most important facets of self-care. Here we provide you with a guide on how to maximize your well-being. 

Adjusting to Your New Environment

Nurses often leave their support network behind to work overseas so that they can earn a higher salary than they could at home. However, the new environment is fraught with challenges. They may have to learn a new language and the foreign culture could make them feel like strangers for quite a while before they settle into their recent locations.

These displaced nurses feel lonely and homesick. Additionally, they may face discrimination and constantly have to prove themselves at work. A migrant nurse from the Philippines working in America or the UK will almost definitely earn a lower salary than their native counterparts. This may well be less than what the recruiter promised them. All this adds to their stress and can even lead to burnout

Support Networks

You will need to establish a new support group. This does not mean neglecting the old. You should make a set time at least once a week to connect with family back home on Skype. Sending them money from your higher salary abroad will give you a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Many nurses from the Philippines work abroad and they use services like Ria Money Transfer to send money to the Philippines to their loved ones. 

Messaging a good friend can restore your sense of equilibrium when you are feeling particularly low. The familiarity will remind you why you have chosen this course and strengthen your resolve to adapt. 

You can demonstrate your determination to succeed by working on setting up a local support network. This should include a mentor at work who will take you under their wings and show you the ropes. Make new friends. Here are some great tips for making friends as an adult.

Take Care of Your Body

Chronic stress takes its toll on your physical health. In the short term, the younger nurse’s body can fight off serious effects such as stroke, heart disease, and hypertension. But the person is still prone to headaches, unexplained exhaustion, loss of appetite, and insomnia. 

Do something you enjoy before going to bed such as reading a book. This will help you to relax and sleep better. Get enough exercise to make you naturally tired after a day at work. Eat a healthy diet so that your body receives all the essential nutrients to cope with stress

Feed Your Mind

Keep your mind stimulated and maintain an interest in your job. Do this by reading up on interesting cases. This can also make you better informed than your colleagues and earn their respect. Take up a hobby you enjoy, such as hiking or birdwatching. This will provide you with exercise and a chance to make new friends.

Taking care of yourself is important no matter what your circumstance. Use these tips for a healthier and happier you.

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