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NYT Political Party Quiz {Sep 2021} Get Series Update!

This article is about a series of quiz-based MCQ questions conducted by a major newspaper regarding American politics. Read on NYT Political Party Quiz.

Are you interested in American politics? Are you tired of the boring political games played by these two major political parties, Republicans and Democrats? If so, read about the political suggestions made by a major newspaper about a multi-party in the U.S.A.

People from the United States are excited about this new suggestion made forward by the famous daily newspaper regarding the increase of the political parties in the country. Continue reading to get more details on NYT Political Party Quiz.

About The New York Times

It is a daily newspaper with readers around the world. It is headquartered in New York, and it’s shortly called N.Y. Times or N.Y.T. It has been rewarded with the greatest number of Pulitzer Prizes. It has the third-largest newspaper circulation in the U.S.A. and the 18th largest in the world.

The New York Times started the online distribution massively during the 1990s, and during 2007 they started to reduce the size of their newspapers. 113 Nassau Street was the first building where the operation started.

NYT Political Party Quiz

  • A recent article on NYT mentioned the disadvantages of having just two political parties, and they wanted to know the people’s opinion about it.
  • They strongly pointed the inefficiency of both political parties to handle the climatic change and the pandemic situation.
  • So, they provided 20 MCQ based questions to the readers to help them find out which party would suit them.
  • This Quiz is a new social and political experiment that helps identify the readers’ political thinking and make a better political decision in the future. 

 About the Quiz

 The questions of the NYT Political Party Quiz were based on these major concepts as mentioned below;

  • Racial minorities and their opportunity of advancing in the country.
  • Reduction of income differences that exist among the people.
  • Regarding same-gender marriage.
  • How strict should the gun laws be?
  • About the ease in the immigration status.
  • About supporting the undocumented immigrants to be citizens.
  • About making abortion legal.
  • The advantage for white people in the U.S. society.
  • Do wealthy people make the innovation made in the country?
  • Reduction in the number of police officials.

   More on Quiz Questions

  • Reducing the government regulations implemented on business activities. Read more about NYT Political Party Quiz.
  • The discrimination suffered by the minorities and Black people in the society.
  • Regarding the health care coverage policies.
  • About the climatic changes happening.
  • The economy and its role in poverty.
  • Regarding the legalization of Marijuana in the country.
  • Disadvantages of mere scientific facts on major social issues.
  • About the advantage or disadvantages of being a U.S. citizen.
  • Regarding tax on an income of $200,000.
  • Increase in the minimum wage.


American politics are the most discussed globally, and new changes in politics can improve the quality of the decision making made by the leaders. To know more and to participate in this quiz visit.

Have you checked NYT Political Party Quiz? If so, what conclusion did you make after completing it? Kindly share your opinion with us.

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