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Oakton Car Accident {June} Read This Shocking News!

The article Oakton Car Accident provides the timeline of the accident in an elaborative manner along with the investigation details.

Do you know which county has the most concentrated technology jobs? Do you know which place is considered the best place to live in?

The answer is Fairfax. Fairfax is located at Northern Virginia in the United States. But here in this article, we will be discussing the unfair Oakton Car Accident that happened in Fairfax.

What happened?

On June 7, 2022, two teenage girls from Oakton School died in a road accident. The car crash happened around 11.45 am at the intersection of Five Oaks Road and Blake Lane, in Fairfax-county. Police officials said that the vehicles that crashed in the accident were a BMW and a Toyota SUV.

Three teenagers were the pedestrians who walked through the intersection. The driver of a BMW was driving his car very fast, so he lost his balance and crashed into Toyota. It created such a great collision force that the crashed BMW bounced back and dashed the Oakton teenagers.

Oakton High School

The fatal accident happened a quarter-mile away from Oakton School. This high school is one of the top-rated public schools in Virginia and is part of Fairfax public schools. They have trained and created many talented athletes and intellectual students.

The three teenagers were walking on the sidewalk when the cars crash happened. Unfortunately, the BMW car bounced back and caused the accident. Oakton School has confirmed the student’s death by releasing the announcement to the school staff and students. Mr. Jamie S. Lane, the principal of Oakton School, extended his condolences to the deceased family.

The fatal accident

The Oakton Car Crash was a deadly accident, and during the collision, nearly six people were injured. The police officials rushed to the accident scene and hastened the hospitalization process. Three people were severely injured at the accident spot, and 3 others had minor injuries. After some time, the two teenage girls from Oakton School died at the hospital. The other high schooler is still in the hospital.

Fortunately, the driver and the passenger of the BMW were injured only with less threatening injuries. And the teenage passengers of the BMW car fled from the accident scene.

The accidental scene

The main reason for the Oakton Car Accident is the speed of the BMW car. According to Major Eli Cory, the Fairfax County spokesperson, the white BMW car was driving at high speed on the Blake road, colliding with the SUV as it turned to the left. The collision was so violent that the BMW collided with the mailbox, a side pole, and three Oakton school students. 

 Police officials are investigating the crime scene for further evidence. In addition, from the official news sources, the police officials have caught up with the passengers who fled from the accident scene.


The article Oakton Car Accident provided the necessary information, but this is the second accident that happened around this area. Two weeks ago, a car crashed and hit pedestrians, where an 83-year-old woman lost her life, the driver was charged with filing a suit for reckless driving, even in this accident, police officials should take the necessary action against the driver. For more newsupdates.

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