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Oculus. Com Reviews {Dec} Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

In this article, we are presenting Oculus. com Reviews. Please read this article to know about the website and its authenticity.

Do you like to play Virtual Reality Games? Are you a fan of the Metaverse concept announced by the founder of Facebook? Would you like to play high-definition games with great sound effects? Would you like to purchase the latest equipment in the United States for stepping into the world of virtual reality?

Oculus.com is a website that provides the latest VR gadgets, games and accessories? But, before making a purchase, we advise you to go through Oculus. com Reviews.

Brief of Oculus.com:

Oculus.com is a commercial website associated with Meta (formerly known as Facebook). Oculus.com sells Virtual Reality boxes, headsets, games and accessories. Oculus.com aims at promoting the concept of Metaverse announced by Mark Zuckerberg. You can connect your Facebook account to Oculus.com. 

VR technology is used to train workers to understand dangerous situations like rescuing people trapped in mines, for virtual tours of different monuments and the possibilities are endless in the field of education. Oculus.com features:

  • Quest,
  • Quest 2,
  • Rift S,
  • Accessories,
  • Go,
  • Rift and 
  • Headset.

Features to check Is Oculus. com Legit:

  • Buy Quest at: https://www.oculus.com.
  • Links to Social Media: provided and working.
  • Price: range starts from $19. 
  • Physical Address: not given on Oculus.com.
  • Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions are given in the legal section.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs: Oculus.com supports blogs and forums and customer reviews.
  • Privacy policy: mentioned clearly and no plagiarism found.
  • Whatsapp number: 1(415)849-2227.
  • Store locator: Oculus.com supplies information on authorized retail outlets.
  • Delivery: The delivery timeline is not given on Oculus.com.
  • Shipping: Oculus.com did not provide information about processing time. 
  • Tracking: No information was provided on Oculus.com.
  • Oculus. com Reviews on Returns: return timeline was not provided on Oculus.com.
  • Refunds: refund policy differs based on the product and services purchased.
  • Email address: Not provided. However, you can send messages and chat with the support team on Oculus.com.
  • Mode of Payment: Oculus.com takes the payment in USD but payment channels are not mentioned.
  • Owner’s details: Oculus.com is from Meta, founded by Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Newsletters: Subscription to newsletters are supported by Oculus.com.

Pros of Oculus.com:

  • The professional and user-friendly interface of Oculus.com,
  • The detailed product description is given on Oculus.com,
  • Most of the necessary information and troubleshooting steps are provided on Oculus.com.

Cons of Oculus.com:

  • Oculus. com Reviews ascertains that it is difficult to reach customer service as email address and phone number is not provided,
  • No discounted products (or) promotional offers found on Oculus.com,
  • The components used in the Oculus.com products are delicate and not durable,
  • The cost of Quest and other products, including accessories, is very high.

Is Oculus.com Legitimate?

  • Oculus.com Creation: 9th May 1995 at 06:07:41 PM.
  • Oculus.com Expiry: 10th May 2031 at 04:00:00 AM.
  • Oculus.com Age: the website is 26 years, 7 months and 17 days old.
  • Trust Index: Oculus.com achieved an Average 74% trust score.
  • Alexa ranking: Based on Is Oculus. com Legit we found that Oculus.com achieved a great Alexa ranking of 2,490.
  • Place of origin: Oculus.com is from the United States.
  • Status of Blacklisting: None of the blacklisting engines had blacklisted Oculus.com.
  • Connection Security: Oculus.com transmits information on HTTPS protocol. 
  • Contact person: No specific information about the contact person was provided.
  • Social relations: Oculus.com is present on FB, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with more than 33,04,730 subscribers.
  • Owner’s contact details: not given on Oculus.com.

Customers Oculus.com Review:

There are thousands of positive product reviews present on Oculus.com. On FB, customers had rated Oculus.com at 3/5 stars. There are thousands of mixed customer Oculus. com Reviews on the internet and YouTube, rating Oculus.com above 2/5 stars. 

Customers had rated Rift and Quest2 above 4/5 stars on the internet. The customers had rated Oculus.com products above 4/5 on shopping sites.

Most of the negative reviews show that parts of products break easily, headsets stop working after a few uses, wireless connectivity issues, components unavailable in the market, etc. Therefore, we advise you to read the information about PayPal Scams before making a purchase.

Conclusion on Oculus.com:

Oculus.com is a legitimate website as it has existed for more than 26 years and has gained a 76% trust index, appreciable Alexa ranking and Oculus. com Reviews. It is endorsed by Meta and has a nil suspicion score. Hence, Oculus.com is a safe website to transact on. However, we recommend you to read about Credit Card Scams before making a purchase.

Were reviews on Oculus.com informative? Please share your opinion about Is Oculus.com Legitimate below.

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