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Officer Reviews [June] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Officer Reviews

Officer Reviews [June] Is Online Shopping a Scam? >> This article will provide information on a website that provides protection
to officers.

It is quite apparent that in this globalized world where the cyber interface is increasing, the danger of breach of privacy is serious. But when it comes to the law enforcement agencies, it becomes of great importance to take care of the privacy of the involving officers.

But you need not worry as there are firms offering privacy services and protecting the crucial information. One such website is Officer We will analyze this website by looking at Reviews which will help you in knowing about its authenticity. 

It offers services regarding protection of vital information regarding personnel of law enforcing agencies. It also has premium services to give the best results. 

Today we will go for an in-depth analysis of the website and get the best conclusive remark regarding its services. It is highly trending in the United States.

What is Officer 

It’s a firm protecting the privacy of individuals whether they are officers of law enforcement agencies or the general public. They have software which will help in removing their personal information from the places where it is not required. 

Its operation is being conducted by former US law enforcement officers and professional staff. It tries it’s best to protect data and privacy with a high level of management having a blend of efficiency, honesty and sensitiveness.

It offers a range of services and has flexibility in its services to make the process for the clients hassle-free. It does not differentiate between the officers and the public and treats all on equal footing.

But we will explore all the aspects which may be either pros and cons before jumping to any conclusion regarding trying it’s services or not.

It is necessary as several firms are running poor quality services and cheating their clients with their data and vast sums of money.


  • Website Type: Privacy Protection Software Service
  • Email:
  • Contact number:916-245-2544
  • Address: not available
  • Social media presence: No
  • Payment: Online
  • Free trial: 14 days

Is the website legit?

It seems to be genuine as it provides contact number, Email, customer inquiry section. Also, clarity regarding services and charges with specifications are available.

It also provides a large number of FAQs which clears any kind of suspicion regarding it’s working.

It offers removal of vital data from 30 people searching site to make the related individuals stress free. It offers range of services having different prices and also offers a 14 day free trial.

Though rating is unavailable, but strong and favourable remarks of officers add to its advantage. 

However, the company address is not given on the website—also, the website as no active present on any social media platform. 


  • Customer remarks from those who have worked for long in enforcement agencies. It shows huge trust
  • Provides clear guidelines regarding its operations
  • Gives a14 day free trial
  • provides genuine Email 
  • Provides contact number
  • It provides equal quality services to officers and individuals except for some premium services.
  • Provides FAQs section to remove any doubt regarding its operation        


  • Feedbacks of few officers and not of general public
  • Rating section not available
  • Not disclosing its way of working SOPs
  • Minimal information on websites
  • No address is given
  • Lack of social media platforms

What are Customers saying about the website? 

Various good and appreciative remarks are there from working or retired personnel of different law agencies. They praise it’s servicing and are thankful to it for such valuable services. Reviews are also positive.

Several high ranking police officers have batted for it as a sensitive and professional organization making their work hassle-free and also for removing stress.

It has also been praised for its efforts in the protection of families of personnel who are doing a critical job of investigation and possesses a vast amount of information.

So, such strong remarks from such professionals give it a better spot. However, apart from the reviews on the website, no reviews are found in general. Therefore, the genuinity of the website is not revealed ultimately. 

Final Verdict

Though, there are no customer ratings and reviews are less in number, but it seems that the organization has earn trust. Some officials are in the business of enforcement, and this gives its legitimacy.

So if one desires, can use its services and check within the free trial period that whether it is feasible or not. 

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