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Oia Skin Review [April 2021] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

Oia Skin Review [April 2021] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit

Oia Skin Review [April 2021] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit? -> Today, this article will be regarding a website that is dealing with some beauty and skincare products that work wonders.

As the beauty and wellness industry is growing towards the upward direction, several brands and companies are emerging and are planning to introduce new products. Today’s review is about one of such companies only. This will help us gather all the evidence for Oia Skin Review

The website is an excellent stop for the people looking for some organic and non-chemical methods for improvement of their skin and body.

The website originates in the United States and is doing good over there. Let’s get into the article to finally find out some valuable information to get relevant Oia Skin Review

What is Oia Skin?

Oia Skin is a website that is settled up and is growing in the United States. The website provides material for skincare that lasts for a very long time and is effective as well.

The website deals in skincare products which are beneficial for the public and people move towards them because they are organic and minimise the use of chemicals on the skin

Oia Skin is a beautiful product that works against wrinkles and fine lines. The product does wonders on the dark patches, under-eye, dark circles, wrinkles, wine lines, neck and several other parts of the face and works towards beautifying the skin.

The website has several patches for the skin including some anti-wrinkle patches for the face, face lifting mask, day and night eye patches and face serums.

Moving forward, we will collect some valid  Oia Skin Review that will help us identify whether this website is a scam or legit.

Specifications of Oia Skin

  • Website:
  • Introduced in: United States 
  • Products: Skincare products 
  • Website is operational 
  • Shipping is free over the order of $60.
  • Shipping time is 1-5 days.
  • The website offers a 30 days return policy.
  • Email:
  • Address- 2867 sunset pl., Los Angeles, CA 90005

Pros of Oia Skin

  • All type of face lifting products
  • The products help in the betterment of skin
  • Some are daily use products
  • The product works for both men and women

Cons of  Oia Skin

  • The website is not very old and is nearly 4 months old.
  • The website has not mentioned any contact number.
  • The website has some mixed Oia Skin Review.

Is Oia Skin Legit? 

In the process of getting to know this website, we collected several pieces of evidence and facts that will prove and clear the case for this website.

The website is dealing with products of women’s interest and is becoming popular amongst the customers and women in The United States and other countries as well.

The website is gaining a good number of audience as we have seen many customer reviews on the internet, including some youtube reviews.

We have collected several Oia Skin Review, and most of them are positive. The website has provided Complete information on the internet, but it is nearly4 months old only. Thus, we would leave the decision on to the customers and would ask them to research on their end and let us also know that they think about it.

What are customer reviews on the website?

In the process of collecting Oia Skin Review, we found that the website has got several reviews from the people using it. The product has got mixed reviews, i.e., the product works wonders on some people, but some could not change much using this product. 

The people said that the product is solving all the problems for them and is a great one, But some could not feel any change using the work, and it failed for them.

Therefore, we have got mixed reviews for the product and the website as well.

Final Verdict

The website has got some beautiful products for women and the men who focus on their skin. People can find a solution to the skin problems they are facing here.

The website is nearly four months old and is gaining a fair amount of audience also. The website has got several reviews as well. But the reviews seem to be mixed and are not going into one direction. However, the website has mentioned all the information for customer transparency.

Thus, as the website is new, we would not be able to declare our decision and would request our readers to share their experience with us after their purchase.

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  1. I purchased one of the Oia Skin face lift sets recently. I have to say I’m very disappointed in the product. The first piece I put on was for the forehead and the edges would not lie down or adhere to my skin. The eye and smile line patches leave a puffiness imprint when removed. The skin under the patch was smooth, but only because it pushes the skin around the outside of the patch away. As far as comfortable to wear to bed, I found them to be intrusive when lying on my side and they will lift off if the sticky edge catches on the pillow. There are no refunds once you have worn them which is odd. How can you know if the product works for you if you don’t try them? If the product does not stand up to it’s claims then a refund should be given. This is meant to be a constructive criticism and is my sole opinion.

  2. I have been using this product for about a week, every night all night. I must say that I am quite satisfied, the skin starts to be much smoother and taut, for most of the day. I have read negative reviews from people who have used the product once, for a couple of hours. Obviously, if you want to see lasting results, you have to use the product for several hours a day and all night and it is the perfect solution, so as to compensate for the daytime hours where you tend to frown and squint. It is not a MAGICAL product, but a LOGICAL product: you spend the whole day “creating” wrinkles and obviously you have to spend all night “eliminating” them! They cannot be expected to disappear in two hours!
    A point to definitely improve is adhesion: it does not adhere perfectly and after the second use it tends to come off, especially those for the forehead. I found a solution by wearing a mask to cover the eyes, so I eliminate the light problem in the room and support the patch on the forehead at the same time. Another point to improve are the shipping times: I waited more than a month to receive it! Even the cost is a bit too high, considering that it is a purchase to be made at least once a month if you want to maintain the results.

    ( Sorry for the mistakes, I used an automatic translator)

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