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Olivia Rodrigo Vinyl (May) All The Details Inside!

Olivia Rodrigo Vinyl (May) All The Details Inside! >> In this post, you will know about a recently released album that is probably the most awaited album release of this year.

Are you aware of the release of a new album by Olivia Rodrigo? It is yet to release in vinyl, but it is available on all music streaming platforms. 

Olivia Rodrigo is a pop singer who recently has gained huge attention Worldwide because of the success of her newly released songs which is added to her album. 

Olivia is 17 years old pop star who is probably in the best face of her career. The release of her album is the most exciting news for pop music lovers. Let us know when Olivia Rodrigo Vinyl will be available in online and other stores.

Details of the Debut Album of Olivia Rodrigo

Yes, this album is the debut album of Olivia as she has got massive success Worldwide. The album is called SOUR and is produced by close collaborator Dan Nigro who also has written some songs in the album and others. 

SOUR is released through Geffen Records and Interscope records. Released on January 8, 2021, a song named Driver license is the main reason for the success of Olivia. 

And recently released songs like déjà vu and good 4 u are just breaking the records, and they are also available in Olivia Rodrigo Vinyl.

What are the Songs added on the SOUR? 

The announcement of this album was held on April 1, 2021. Since then, everybody is curious to know the list of songs added on SOUR. 

Many of you might also know the songs on this album because 3 amazing singles have already been released. But in case you don’t know, here are the name of songs that you will get on the album:

  • Brutal.
  • Traitor.
  • Drivers license.
  • 1 step forward, 3 steps back.
  • Déjà vu.
  • Good 4 u.
  • Enough for you.
  • Happier.
  • Hope ur ok.
  • Favorite crime.
  • Jealousy, jealousy.

Is Olivia Rodrigo Vinyl available on Sale?

The vinyl is available for pre-registration since April 13, 2021, and it is released on May 21 in many reliable online stores, but it is not available for sale now in some of the stores. 

However, the album’s cover and announcements of the release of the vinyl are completed, and it will be soon available in your favorite online store. 

In many stores, the vinyl has already been out of stock, and in some stores, pre-registration is started for Olivia Rodrigo Vinyl. Please check on this link to know about this album in detail. 

Wrapping It All

The album is out there, so if you are a fan of Olivia’s music, you should get one for yourself. SOUR is one of the most awaited albums, and it is the reason for excitement for most of the Olivia Rodrigo fans and pop lovers. 

Have you got already got the SOUR album? Please tell us where did you get it in the comments section below. Also, please do share this Olivia Rodrigo Vinyl post to inform others. 

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