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Many people are interested in Manga comics and know about the leaks and preview about One Piece 1027 Pirateking. So read this article and get your details.

Do you spend your free time reading comics? Are you looking for a new manga-based comic and with a fresh storyline? Then it would help if you had a glimpse at the below article as we have provided all the informative details about One Piece 1027 Pirateking. 

There are many manga comics fans from Spainso this article will help you know the specifications and many other details on this comic.

What is the One Piece 1027 chapter? 

One piece is a manga-based comic, and the creator of this comic is Eiichiro Oda. It was also selected in the 98 tankbon volumes. And since July 1997, Shueisha’s weekly Jump has been the platform where this comic is serialized. 

This comic is based on Monkey D Luffy, who develops a rubber body power within himself. And the other characters of this comic are searching for One piece and want to get the title of pirate king.

Some leaks about One Piece 1027 Pirateking.

So as the new chapter of this comic is going to be released in a short time. People are very keen on knowing what would happen in this chapter. So we got some leaks that there will be a violent fight between Luffy, Kaidou, and Momonosuke, and the story will revolve around their conflicts and fights, and there will be some other characters in the story.

 If you are interested in this comic and want to know more leaks and previews based on One Piece 1027 Pirateking, you need to wait for its official release. So read the below heading. 

Release date of One piece 1027

So we have some good news about the fans of this comic as the new edition of One piece is going to be launched on October 3, 2021. The raw scan of One piece will be released 2-3 days before the actual release of this comic. And the spoilers of the manga will come on Tuesday. But we suggest that you should wait for the actual comic to release.

Where can you read this comic? 

For your phone’s safety and other measures, we recommend that the new edition of this One Piece 1027 Pirateking should be read on the official platform provided by manga. But we have provided some legal and safe sources that will also provide the comic for free on their platforms so you can enjoy the comics without any payment. 

  • Shonen Jump
  • Viz Media
  • MangaPlus


As there are many fans of one piece comic, we thought this article would help you know some specific details about the comics  before its release. 

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