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One Piece Manga 1020 Online (July) Complete Details!

One Piece Manga 1020 Online (July) Complete Details! >> This article will reveal the spoilers of one of the famous Manga’s online series.

Are you excited to know about chapter 1020 of one piece series? Unfortunately, the series got postponed due to the Olympics, and followers Worldwide are very disappointed. Do you know the release date of the upcoming chapter? If no, then you are in the right place because we will tell you every detail. In this article, we are going to talk about the One Piece Manga 1020 Online chapter release date and spoilers. Let us start with briefing what One Piece is.

What is One Piece Manga 1020 Online?

One Piece of manga is a Japanese Shonen Jump Magazine series written by Eiichiro Oda, a weekly magazine. The story started with the adventures of D. Luffy, who unintentionally eat Devil Fruit. Then, he started to explore the ultimate treasure known as “one-piece” to become the next king of pirates along with his crew.

One-piece has huge fan followers worldwide because of its storyline, character, art, and humor. And demand for One Piece Manga 1020 Online is increasing day by day. From 2008 to 2018, it was the best-selling manga for the eleventh year in a row.

Recap of chapter 1019 of One Piece.

The previous chapter was focused on Franky and Sasaki’s fight. Meanwhile, Law’s crewmates rescue Luffy from the sea by draining water inside him. Then, Sasaki uses his fatal move, “Triceracopter,” and Franky manages to escape from it. But, the battle continued, and in the end, Sasaki about to deal the final blow and defeats him, the Franky Radical Beam.

You can read One Piece Manga 1020 Online on various internet sources. At the end of chapter 1019, Yamato and Kiado are battling each other, transforming into a hybrid form till Luffy returns.

What is the release date of One Piece Manga 1020 Online?

Well, The release of One Piece Manga 1020 Online Posponded due to Olympics games. Keeping this in mind, Shonen doesn’t want you to engage in the story world. But the followers of the magazine are excited to see the next chapter. So, when is it releasing? To end this suspense, you will be able to read One Piece Manga 1020 Online on 1st August 2021. Yaa! Don’t forget the date. And hopefully, this chapter will focus on the last member of Tobi Roppo.

What are Chapter 1020 predictions?

From the past event, our prediction is this chapter will deal with Robin and Black Maria’s fight. Robin sees the illusion to attack loved ones, and they turn out to be Black Maria subordinates. Moreover, Black Maria’s primary weapon, “Wanyudo,” is attacked by Brook. He attacked with his cold soul. While Luffy and Zoro regain their power, Yamato is able to successfully deal some damage to Kaido.

As the One Piece Manga 1020 Online date is confirmed, it is the most-talked-about topic among the fans.  For more details on webseries  

Our favourite character Luffy regains his strength, and he will tell Momonosuke that he had transformed into a dragon and take him back to Onigashima. Get more details here.


 So, we now know this much about One Piece chapter 1020. This prediction may not be completely accurate, so it is best to wait for the official release. Ofcourse, we don’t have any other choice left with us.

What are you thought about the delay in One Piece Manga 1020 Online? Let us know if you are excited about the 1020 episode in the comment section.

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