Open On Walmart Easter 2022 {April} Is It Available?

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Open on Walmart Easter 2022 is the major query among the residents. We have discussed here the opening hours and more in this post.

What is your plan for Easter this year? Have you done all the preparation? Any festival is a time when people meet their families and friend. And Easter is one such festival celebrated widely in the United States and Canada.

This year Easter falls on April 17, Sunday and people have big plans and surprises for this weekend. So, if you are in a last-minute rush and you want to know if a grocery chain like Walmart remains open or close, continue reading our post Open on Walmart Easter 2022. Let us begin!

Is Walmart remains open this Sunday?

If a shortage of grocery items comes in the way of a festival party, you always have one question in mind the store near you remains open or not. Are you needing last-minute fixing for decorations or need more Easter eggs? Your favourite store Walmart will there be for you? 

Do not worry because Walmart is the store that is one-stop-shop open for all your Easter needs. It remained open on Easter day. However, opening hours varied from location to location. 

Is Walmart Open Today on Easter?

The straight answer is Yes! But what are the opening hours for Walmart?If you have access to the near store of Walmart, you are lucky. No matter how many lists you make and arrange everything beforehand, there are always household staples that you remind at the last minute. In such a situation, a grocery store is your only support.

Walmart store remains open all the days of the year. The regular opening hours of Walmart are from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. However, the only exception when Walmart remains close is Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. But it remained Open on Walmart Easter 2022 at regular times. However, for smaller outlets, there might be some disruption.

Which all stores remained open this Sunday?

Some of the stores that remained open on Sunday other than Walmart are Trader joe’s, CVS, Whole Foods, Kroger, Walgreens, and Dollar General. Some major stores that remained close this Easter Sunday are Target, Costco, Aldi, and Sam’s Club.

So, now you know some of the stores, including Walmart, are open, take a deep breath. Also, continue your plan in a relaxed mood because you have to shop to grab the essentials. 

About Walmart:

After answering a major query, will the store Open on Walmart Easter 2022? It is time to know about the store. Walmart Inc., headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, is an American multinational retailer that owns and runs a chain of supercentres grocery stores throughout the United States. Sam Walton, the company’s founder, created the corporation in 1962.


The shopping list for the festival is incomplete without groceries. You can always visit the Walmart super Mart for all your necessities. Stay ahead in your preparation and check opening hours during the festival like Easter from the store finder tool.  

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