Website Reviews Scam (Dec) Can You Get Your Gift? Scam (Dec) Can You Get Your Gift? -> Have you also come across the site offering you with gifts? If this is so. Then read this content its important for you to know about such a site.

Guys, are you coming across the sites offering you with gifts free of cost? But are these sites are saved to use. Nowadays, there are many scam sites available on the internet that offer gifts to their customers. In the United States, United Kingdom people often get notifications of the sites with such claims. So, we are going to explore, which allows you to choose your gift. The question that we raise to the site is Scam. Do read the content to know this.

What is

If you also come across the site that provides gifts to the customers, this site also deals with the same. The site welcomes every customer to get their gifts. The site offers customers with gift cards of amazon and refunds on their purchases.If the customers are not satisfied with their gifts, then the site provides them with the opportunity to return them, and they will provide them with the 10% refund of the total amount. But offering such deals to the customers will work only if Scam is not true. If you want to get more details, then stay tuned with us.

Is Scam?

Readers must be aware of the trustworthiness of the site as it offers gifts to the customers, so there is a risk that it may be a scam. This website was registered on December 10, 2018. So, its domain is old. But the site does not share its objectives and why they are offering gifts to the customers. Moreover, the site has no mail address of its own.

If you visit the web page and try to explore the site, you will find that there are few icons available that we cannot even open. The information available on the webpage is not enough. The contact details are missing.Based on the fact that the domain is old, we cannot trust a site. So, Scam is justified. 

The negative points of the site

  • The site has technical issues.
  • Unable to find reviews of the customers regarding the site.
  • No availability of the site on social media.
  • Lack of details on the web page of the site.

The site has come up with various negative points so we are left with not a single reason on behalf of which can say that it is a legit site.


The United States, United kingdom people usually come across scam sites that offers them gifts. So, we suggest you put this site in your black list as Scam site with red flags. The only positive point that we found about this site is that its domain is too old: it was registered on December 10, 2018. But that’s not enough for the site to be called as legit. This site has come with more negative points as compared to the positive ones. So, readers its our advice that you should avoid using this site. 

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  1. I received a card with the message to go to the site to get a free gift after ordering a pillow on Amazon. I’m glad I saw this scam review pop up before going to their site.

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