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Oreo Cookie Graveyard Kit (Sep) Check The Speciality!

This news article describes the new flavour that is Oreo Cookie Graveyard Kit addition in the old brand according to the occasion.

Do you love to have crunchy snacks as your pastime? Are you one of those who crave different types of flavors in cookies? If yes, you might be interested in knowing that you are at the right place, and we will help you get an idea about what new flavor has been added to your favorite cookies. 

Oreo has become a new brand in the cookies and snacks sector. It has now come up with Oreo Cookie Graveyard Kit for you and people from the United States eager to taste this new flavor in their routine.

What is Oreo Spooky Graveyard Kit? 

Oreo has released a kit of cookies in its new launch, and it adheres to the fact that it might interest the consumers of this brand. There is a spooky twist in its traditional Oreo cookies. It has come up with the new delicious graveyard kit with all the icings, candies and cookies. It has not left any loopholes and included all the desired items in the kits. 

What are the items included in the Oreo Cookie Graveyard Kit?

If you want to know what delicious products you can find in the kit, then here you go. 

  • First, you can find pre-baked chocolate cookies. 
  • Oreo cookies. 
  • Pre-made icings.
  • Candy jewels
  • Oreo mini cookies
  • Candy Bats. 

All the products mentioned above will be available for you in the kit, and you can enjoy them to your fullest. Like last year, it had surprised its consumers with decorative Halloween cookies; this year, it has brought the Graveyard cookies. 

I hope you would love its new flavor, and now you have got an idea of what will be included in the Oreo Cookie Graveyard Kit

What is the price of the kit?

The price of the kit in the United States is nearly $14.99. You can easily find it in the supermarkets, or you can order it online. The theme of the new kit represents the graveyard for Halloween, and thus, people are excited to taste this new product. 

This is the special offer for October, so you should keep this thing in your mind that you need to be really in a hurry to get this in your cart. The cookies are shaped according to your needs and Halloween themes. It includes skeletons and other Halloween shapes for you. 

So, please don’t wait and have Oreo Cookie Graveyard Kit in your cart before you are too late for ordering it. 

If you want to gain more information about it, you can check more products.  

The brands in the market are aware of the requirements of the people. Therefore, according to the special occasions and therefore they mold their needs and products accordingly.

Final Verdict: 

It is one of the wisest ways to make or increase the presence among the people in the market. Similarly, Oreo has also done by coming up with the new kit for people and its consumers with the special occasion of Oreo Cookie Graveyard KitWe hope you have got a clear idea about it.

How did you feel about the new kit of Oreo? Is it exciting for you to purchase it? If yes, then you can share your views in the comment section below. 

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