Oscar Oscar Salons Reviews (Nov) What You Should Know?

Oscar Oscar Salons Online Reviews

The guide shares details about the renowned salon and the unbiased Oscar Oscar Salons Reviews for customers.  

The Oscar Oscar Salon has the tailored treatment for all tiny tendrils for an all-over pop of brightness with the natural and alluring look. From framing highlights of your face to free-hand painted balayage from experts, you tell the design, and the team helps achieve it. 

Oscar Oscar Salon is a renowned and popular hairdressing chain with offices across Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. It has emerged as the famous hair-dressing fashion brand with several branches and a huge satisfied customer base, proved by the multiple Oscar Oscar Salons Reviews available online.        

Introducing The Oscar Oscar Salons

Oscar Oscar Salons is an award-winning and renowned hair-dressing salon that operates under the supervision of Oscar Cullinan, a celebrity hairdresser. He is an award winner hairdresser from Australia.

The first salon was commenced in 1989 with headquarter in Brisbane, and nowadays it runs multiple franchises across different locations, including Chic Fashion Precinct Fair in the Gold Coast region. 

The salon is operated under some of the best hairdressers from Australia involved in multiple events, like the Australian Fashion Week, etc. Considering the Oscar Oscar Salons Reviews, the salon offers luxury hairdressing services, like styling, hair-care, spa treatment, and delectable refreshment services, all within the designer, sleek-clad walls. 

What is the Service Menu of Oscar Oscar Salons?

Apart from haircutting and hairstyling for men and women, Oscar Oscar Salons also offers various services. From stress-relieving to scalp misusage, personalized consultation to mini facial, and more, different services experienced hairstylists and hairdressers offer at the salon. Considering the Oscar Oscar Salons Reviews, it provides the following services:

  • Hair Extensions – The salon offers customized hair extensions to help achieve the hair of your dream.
  • Hair Straightening and Smoothing includes hair rejuvenation, repairing, and smoothening hair with a complete blow-dry finish.
  • Hair Color and Highlighting – The salon also includes services like foil highlighting to customize the hair perfectly and hair coloring services to achieve the desired color of your hair. 
  • Customized Balayage – The salon also offers hand printing balayage methods combined with foil highlights.
  • Nourishing Treatment – The salon offers new WILDE Oscar treatment to rejuvenate and change the look of your hair using high-quality and naturally sourced botanical ingredients.      

What are the Oscar Oscar Salons Reviews?

After reviewing the salon online, we found multiple reviews with high customer ratings. In addition, the salon is active on social media, and the customers of the salon share many reviews. 

The salon has got a 3.3-star rating out of 5 on social media and has mixed customer reviews. The majority of the customers are satisfied with the services, rates, and ambiance, while some customers are unhappy because the staff at some locations is judgmental and rude. But, overall, customer experiences are good, and it is worth a visit for a stylish hairdressing experience.


Based on the users’ Oscar Oscar Salons Reviews, it is the best salon for hairdressing and styling. It offers multiple services to cater to your grooming needs, and it is a unisex salon suitable both for men and women. But, still it is suggested to go through all the users’ reviews before paying a visit here. 

Have you ever visited a location of Oscar Oscar Salon? Then, please share your experiences in the comments section. 

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