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Ottawa Teenager Missing in French Alps {July} Read Here!

This post must satisfy you with the information regarding Ottawa Teenager Missing in French Alps and how the authorities are helping the teen’s family.

What happened to the Ottawa teen? Many posts regarding the missing teen shocked the audience of Canada. Is there any information about Yassin Jouali? This post will give you information about Ottawa Teenager Missing in French Alps. So keep reading this post till the end.

Missing of Yassin Jouali

Ottawa teen Yassin Jouali went on hiking with his friends and was found missing from last week. He is lost in the French mountains, after he vanishes from the mountain trail. Along with his friends, around 5 pm. Last Tuesday, they moved on the way to Montenvers, which is over Chamonix. According to the friends related to the teen’s family, he was later spotted around 8 pm by another climber. The PGHM is still on search to rescue the teen.

Ottawa Teenager Missing in French Alps

People are eager to know what exactly happened to the boy. The rescue team is trying to trace him. He had been lost inside the french alps for past six days, and lastly, he was spotted inside a mountain trail. The PGHM reported that he was spotted on the planards trail on 12th of July evening. The teen appears to be thin, having curly black hair, and of average weight. When he disappeared, his clothes used to be sports garments. According to the officials, he couldn’t speak French. He was only 17 years old, and PGHM searched for his whereabouts and reminded everyone to call them if any people found any clue.

Ottawa Teenager Missing in French Alps

A missing report was issued on Wednesday by the Chamonix Mont Blanc PGHM, and the search will prevail on every trail linking Chamonix and Montenvers. Netizens are amazed and trying to search for more information. The authorities of France are trying very hard to find the teen. A Group of 35 people, along with the drones and search dogs, were assembled to find the boy. Officials say it is difficult, but searching must go on to see updates. Families are in daily contact with the authorities of France.

Massive preparations are made to investigate the truth. If you want to know more about Ottawa Teenager Missing in French Alps, this post will help you.

Final verdict

Everyone is worried about the missing teen.  The investigation is still ongoing, and we will let you know if there are any further updates. We hope you found this article suitable for collecting information regarding the missing teen. If any additional information is required, please check the given link below:   This post shows how people are curious to know more about Yassin Jouali and how authorities and families try their best to gather information. 

What are your opinions on Ottawa Teenager Missing in French Alps? Please let us know your views on this post in the comment section below.

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