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Ourdancer10 Com Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Ourdancer10 Com Reviews 2020

Ourdancer10 Com Reviews [April] Is it a Scam or Legit? >> This article is meant for those who wish to learn more about

Have you ever shopped in a convenience store nearby? Why is it called so? That’s because you get every item over here, which are meant for your daily needs. You will never come across any luxury product over here.

These stores are located at busy streets where accessibility is easy. However, here we are going to discuss an online shop which is registered in the United State.

This store sells tools that are required in our daily living and one need not be dependent on outsiders for doing odd jobs in and around the house.

Sometimes for small repairs or a little extra work, people don’t oblige, even if you are ready to pay the money. During such times, these tool kits become extremely important and serve the purpose.

What is is a secured online shop that sells tools as well as several other products in it’s basket. You can have a thorough look at it’s collection and will surely get bemused seeing the ‘Santa gift pants’.

There are several other products in it’s basket, which are equally enticing and applicable in our regular living. 

The products being affordable can be purchased by onlookers instantly through online payment. 

How does it work? is the only contact information that this site has furnished. It is through this that the customers can contact the company and get their queries resolved. Regarding purchases, all choice able items must be carted and paid for in advance through credit/debit cards.

According to the company’s shipping policy, the items will be delivered to you. In case of returns, exchanges or any other issue, one can contact the firm through e-mail and wait for the latter’s response.

Who should buy from here?

There are several products enlisted here, from which one can purchase for his or her own needs and also gift others. The items are available at pocket friendly discounted prices. is a huge mixed bag of commodities, out of which most are useful in our day to day lives, so don’t need any separate description to follow.

Why is it famous?

The website has an elementary appeal. It’s designing is quite basic and lacks a lot of clutter in terms of information. People can simply view the images and take a call. The prices are mentioned and shipping policy is clear.

Since the website has a ‘https’ extension, payments and data furnished by customers will remain safe.

What are the negative remarks about it? is one of the distrustful websites that I have come across. It’s content is copied and owner information is concealed. There is no way to hold the company responsible, if any discrepancy occurs.

Generally, such companies just take money from customers and do not deliver the appropriate items. Sometimes the customers keep waiting and the products don’t arrive.

In case of returns and exchanges, spam companies give an address based in China, where shipping goods becomes pretty expensive by the customers.


According to me, one should keep his eyes and mind open before indulging into shopping in the new web stores because there are so many frauds looming out in the e-commerce world.

When you come across such scammers, do remember to spread the word. Please add your comments in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.


  1. Yea me neither I never got my order , I got an email saying my order has been shipped . With a tracking number link, when I click it takes me to DHL website and then go to track the order and get an error message to check tracking number and that tracking attempt was not successful. I emailed twice….no reply yet ..I understand with the pandemic everything is backed up , but this has been my only online order ever where this has happened with tracking info. I’ll just be patient since I have no other choice and hope this is just a back up with the pandemic situation. 😞

  2. Got scammed by as I ordered a large above sink dish rack but only received a small basket for my $50.00 spent. They advertise on Facebook.

    1. Repeatedly contacted this dude he runs like five different websites and all appear to be scams. no item received no replied emails. disputed with both paypal and my bank

  3. Scam I bought two phone cases for the amount Of $80.00 this person or group of individuals are tricky and will take your money then delet their website you purchased from.

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