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This article describes the consumer lawsuit against food manufacturing giants and the eligibility criteria for the claim. Read on Overcharged for Chicken Scam.

Do you purchase chicken products regularly? If yes, do you remember buying chicken from 2009 to 2020? If the answer is yes, you are most likely eligible for big payment as a consumer settlement.

Customers from the United States from selected areas are to reap the benefit from this settlement. All the major companies from the food industry are involved in this case which gives the higher possibility to the customers to be on the eligibility list. Read more about Overcharged for Chicken Scam.

What is a Chicken Scam?    

Big food industry giants conspired to restrict the supply of chicken in the market to increase the price of the chicken. This activity is a severe violation of state consumer law, federal law, and antitrust law. This illegal activity started on 1st January 2009.

The case regarding this issue is currently pending at the district court of Illinois. The person in charge of this case is Judge Thomas Durkin. The customers who brought chicken during the last decade can file for the claim from 11th September 2021 to be eligible for the settlement.

Overcharged for Chicken Scam 

  • The conspiracy in increasing the chicken price was done by the popular chicken companies in the USA. These companies will be responsible for paying the massive amount to the customers.
  • It includes “Settling Defendants” that refers to Tyson, Pilgrim’s, Peco, George’s, Fieldale, and Mar-Jac.
  • The next category consists of “Non-Settling Defendants” that includes all other major companies like Agri Stats, Foster Farms, Foster poultry farms, House of Raeford, Harrison Poultry, JCG Foods, Koch Meats Co, Simmons Prepared Foods, Sanderson Farms, O.K Foods, Wayne Farms, Perdue Foods, O.K industries etc.

Customer Legal Rights

  • The legal way is to submit a claim to receive a payment after the settlement process for Overcharged for Chicken Scam.
  • The consumer has also been given the right to attend the hearing on the court and is given a chance to speak in court regarding this issue.
  • The customer only can claim from the companies listed in Non-Settling Defendants and Settling Defendants. So, it is essential to confirm the purchase from the listed companies only.
  • The claim amount that the customer receives hasn’t been revealed yet, and it depends entirely on the amount that the company is responsible for paying the customer and the total number of claims received on Overcharged for Chicken Scam.
  • If the customer does not file for the claim, they will not receive any payments even though they are eligible. So, it is essential to file the claim.
  • The customer is also given the right not to take part in the filing of a lawsuit if they are not interested. 


As an informed customer, the conspiracies in the food manufacturing and production industries should be taken into serious consideration. For more information, kindly visit n products from the above-mentioned food manufacturing companies? If yes, do you fall under the eligibility criteria? Kindly provide us your opinion on Overcharged for Chicken Scam.

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