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Overstorage Com Reviews [April] – Read It Before Order!

Overstorage Com Reviews

Overstorage Com Reviews [April] – Read It Before Order! >> know more about its legitimacy, services, products and customer given feedbacks in this post! Read before making any order from this website.

The entire world is going through severe conditions, and in that case, it is the responsibility of each individual to be safe and follow all the guidelines and instructions given by the health professionals and governments. The deadly virus is a contagious disease, and if the suggested guidelines are not followed then it can impact human lives in a big way. Therefore, we would like to discuss the website name and overstorage com reviews.

It is an online store that sells health products like hand sanitizers, wipes, and disposable hand gloves, but what if the product is fake? Only genuine products are helpful in avoiding disease. A healthy life is always good and increases the immune system of the body, which also helps to fight the disease. A healthy lifestyle involves proper eating habits, good sleep, and daily exercise.

Apart from that, it also involves hygiene like washing hands with hand wash or sanitizer, daily bath, clean environment, and eating healthy meals. But nowadays most of the people avoid all these activities and following an inappropriate lifestyle. One of the main reasons for COVID-19 is eating habits; everything available on earth is not eatable.

In this article, we will discuss; there are articles related to the website related to the legitimacy of the site.

What is

It is an online shopping store that sells hand gloves, sanitizer, digital thermometer, disinfected wipes, and toilet paper. The website is giving a massive discount on every health product; if you order the product of over $79 then you will get free shipping from the company side.

They have thousands of health products which are very useful, especially these days. You can use hand sanitizer before having meals or when you came from outside. There are a lot of websites selling products related to the disease, but most of them are selling fake products and are misleading people.

There is also that kind of online website which is giving guaranteed over their product claiming to be its scientifically proven. But it is not what it is; they are fooling people to earn money by wrong advertisements and by improper means. It is essential to take action against these fraudulent sites.

According to the, they are giving 30 days money-back guarantee. You can return the product and get a 100% refund if you don’t want it. The company is providing a substantial discount on each product and claiming to be the best and cheap price in the market. But people are advised not to get into the trap of such misleading advertisement. The trust index of the website is low and not secured for customers as per overstorage com reviews.     

The website is new and not having sufficient customers for their site, although they are giving money-back guarantee but not providing any facilities like cash on the Delivery. From COD, a customer at least gets the satisfaction that the product is reached; if you purchase on a credit basis, then it remains mysterious whether the product will get deliver or not. According to, they sell products mainly in the United State area but takes the product from other countries also.

Features and benefits (Pros and Cons of

Pros of

  • The website is giving free shipping to the customer if they purchase over $79
  • The company is selling product at a low cost as compared with the other websites
  • They have a wide range of products like hand sanitizers, digital thermometer, disposal hand gloves, toilet papers, and many more items of daily use.
  • They are offering 30 days money-back guarantee, where customer can return the product within the duration time.
  • You can also return the product if you receive any unpacked, unhygienic products.

Cons of

  • They don’t have any customer so that one can judge the legitimacy of the website
  • Few customers are reported negative about
  • They don’t have external links of their website
  • They mentioned in their site that they have one social media account, i.e., in Facebook but there is no such page
  • The website of the not given details about their registered office address.

Exchange and return policy

  • All the exchange of the product will be done on weekdays only
  • Weekends will not be considered as the working days, so refunds, an exchange may get delay
  • Cancellation of the product will only be accepted if the customer calls and report it about customer care.
  • Company is giving 30 days money-back guarantee, product received after 30 days will not be accepted.


The information provided in this article is on public interest; we in no way supporting the website name nor defaming it. The choice is entirely yours.

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    1. this is a cam ….. they do not ship ….. SHOPIFY has been notified and the Internet fraud department of the goverment has also been informed


  1. They’re price gouging…. this should not be allowed. They claim to have Charman big rolls, but when you click on it. It does not have the name brand. They are also charging over $30.00 for 10 rolls. Seriously?? If you want 20 rolls you’re looking at almost $70.00. From what I have reviewed it is a scam!

    1. Further they advertise it as 40 rolls! The 10 rolls is in small print and I fell for it! I received the toilet paper over 6 weeks later

  2. I agree. I looked for them on FB too! No such thing. They also do not have a phone number or physical address.
    Total sham!

  3. I ordered $94 worth of stuff from them over the weekend before researching them as I should have, I was so happy to see TP and wipes, I jumped at the chance to purchase. “After” I placed the order I started poking around. I saw that the only way to contact this company is via email. I can not find any positive posts from customers, hell, I can’t find any posts from customers period.
    I have sent emails asking for a shipping time frame…………no response.
    I have sent emails stating that I wish to cancel the order…………no response.
    I will be contacting PayPal today to see if there is a way to get my money back. At the very least, I am not sure what type of authority investigates these kinds of things, but this company need to be looked at closely.

    1. It took 6 weeks to receive my order. will eventually reply to your email but give them your order number and shipping address to find it.
      Beware of the small print – I bought TP that was clearly advertised as 40 roll and its 10! It’s definitely false advertising. (Going back the small print does say 10). Expect the product to be off brand.

      1. I had the same thing happen, but got 1 small roll, 7 emails later they clearly still do not understand the issue, pretty clear I got 1 roll not the 10 or 40 you said. Horrible

  4. I have ordered but sent an email to cancel the order. Never got a confirmation email, never got a response to my cancellation request. There is no way of knowing where this company is located. I guess I will go through my credit card company to try to get my money back since nobody from the company has contacted me. I also will try to call Washington DC to report them as a fraudulent company.

  5. I have a feeling that this is a scam site. I received an order confirmation, but no other information. I sent them an email regarding info about the status of my order about four days ago. So far, they have not responded. Their policy is that they will respond within 24 hours. There is no phone number to contact, so I am afraid my $70 is gone. I will give them one more chance to respond, then I am contacting BBB.

  6. Ordered toilet paper 3 days ago. No word except for an auto responder sent back at the time the order was placed.
    Cannot recommend at this time.

  7. Good luck having their customer service responding to you if you have any questions about your order including why your order is not being shipped after you already paid for the merchandise. Their email address is They state that their response is quick however, it’s BS. Not having a good feeling about this.

  8. Ordered April 4th, today April 10th. Sent customer service email responded with standard stall response. Buyer beware do not believe they have items in stock for immediate shipment. It is also an out of USA company and your credit card will be charged a fee for out of country charge.

  9. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE ….. you will never recieve

    they are just collecting money …. they should be put in jail

  10. I ordered cleaning wipes on 4/2. They sent an email with order number saying that a new email would be sent to let me know that order had been shipped. It never happened. They did not respond to emails to service@overstorage. I was worried when I noticed that it is a Hong Kong company, so I successfully disputed the charges with my credit card company and replaced my card to prevent any fraudulent charges.

  11. ordered $96 of products…a week has gone by with no response or tracking info – I paid with paypal and will get a refund from them

  12. yhey got me too can not get them to contact me told them i want to cancell my order and no responce total rip off

  13. I ordered toilet paper and had not heard anything from them in 15 days.
    As far as their website says they are in the us …not true my pay pal receipt says oasnova is where I purchased from Not Over storage
    We are ordering from China people! Do not buy from this store it’s a scam

  14. I’m with the rest of you out there. I ordered $81.97 worth of products on 3 April. Received an emai stating they received my order and would be shipping it next “few days. Now the 17th and I’m still waiting. Intend to have my cc bank try for a refund and have the company investigated

  15. This company is a scam. I ordered several things the first part of April, never received it. Thank God I paid through PayPal and filed a complaint and got my money back. Do not buy from them

  16. I agree with some of the other postings.. I think I have been scammed. I ordered toilet paper on April 4th, two weeks ago and have not received it but they charged my credit card. They emailed me an order number and said they were getting the order ready to ship. They would notify me when it is shipped. I emailed them saying I did not receive the toilet paper was not happy and I thought I had been scammed. I have not heard from them. It makes me so upset that people can do this and get away with it. I am going to contact my credit card company.

  17. YOU GOT YOUR 7.99 SHIPING WHERE IT AT. toilet paper, if not here in days calling AUTHORITIES BANK AND OTHER, TASKEN PEOPLE IS WRONG,

  18. I ordered on April 6th and they said my order was in processing. I have emailed them and they said it was still coming. I emailed them today and said if I didn’t have a confirm ship date I was going to cancel. I will be calling my credit card company tomorrow to let them know I never received any products. Thanks

  19. After reading all these reviews , but unfortunately after I placed the order, I called my credit card company to cancel the order. I told them the company email was not in service. The credit card company put in a dispute. I checked the credit charge on the credit card site, and it was to a fashion company in China and that website was in Chinese.

  20. I ordered wipes spent 30 dollars! They totally scammed me! It’s been a week so I emailed them. Wouldn’t you know.. no response at all! I contacted the bbb and filed a complaint today. I also contacted my bank. Hopefully my bank will just give the money back. This is not a good thing to do to people that are having a hard time during covid. To just take advantage of people and steal from them to get rich is awful! People like them have no shame at all! They will get shut down hopefully soon. Rant over

    1. After waiting for two weeks for my order or an email of shipment notification, I got irritated that there seemed to be no intention of sending my order. Emailed them and requested refund. As a backup, called my bank and disputed transaction. Within 6 days, a refund was in my account. No apology, no explanation, nothing. Really poor customer service.

  21. Ordered toilet paper and wipes. Card charged and never received anything. They don’t respond to emails and no money back. Just a bunch of thieves.

  22. I ordered on the 4/9/2020 I figured when I seen All the little things popping up so in so bought this and that was legit but I had to get nasty told them turning them on to BBB and canceling my order before I got any response! I will never buy from them ever!

  23. I , like others here , did not research this company before placing my order on 4-5-20 . Checked for reviews afterward and found this site . Wish I had done it before ordering . Immediately after placing order sent email cancelling order with absolutely no response . Waited until 4-20 to send request for status of order . Got stalling email response saying order was being processed and there were too many orders in factory , will ship asap , total delivery time won’t take long , will take a few days to prepare order , can I wait patiently in these days ! NO time frame or date . Immediately sent response telling them they had not given me any useful info and my patience had run out after my first two ( 2 ) requests had been iqnored . Advised them would escalate claim with PayPal if product not received by May 1 . On 4-26 sent another request of status . Received response that they found my order still under processing due to product still being out of stock . They told me contacted factory and products would be in stock in another 5-10 working days and once they got tracking number they would send email with that and please don’t worry while wishing me a nice day . They know exactly what they are doing . They know that since I had made complaint to PayPal that I had until May 10 to escalate ( the 5-10 days would push me past the May 10th date Paypal had given me ) at which time PayPal would drop complaint and not reopen the case . They would be home free on stealing my money then . Not going to happen ! Will escalate complaint today and then contact CC company to dispute payment . We’ll see what happens then !

  24. I neglected to mention I received first response from them within minutes of initiating complaint with PayPal . Also went onto their website which shows the product I ordered with a highlighted bar across photo ” IN STOCK ” but price had been increased 43% . Beware !!

  25. Do not order from this company! They charged my account a few days after placing the order and it has been over a month now and I haven’t received it. They claimed the product was in stock when I order. I sent 4-5 emails asking for a shipment date and after the 4th email, I got a response back that they were backed up with orders. I have emailed them twice asking for a refund, but get no response. I was also charged an extra .89 cents for International Fee.

  26. This company is from Wancai, China. They will also charge you an international transaction fee, so please don’t order from them. DO NOT ORDER.

  27. Why is this company allowed to operate if they openly taking advantage of people during such a crisis?. They trick folks to order with a promise to deliver within a few days, then reveal that they’re shipping from China after they’ve received a payment?
    Am contacting the BBB since PayPal can’t help.

  28. It amazes me that companies like these can keep operating. Like everyone else, I ordered supplies that you can’t find in the stores. I received the same robo response that my order was being processed. Over a month has passed and no products nor any response to my request to cancel. There should be some sort of class action suit against this company. I would have thought PayPal could have gotten customers money back. The question is, has anyone ever received their order from these people? If I can’t get my money back, I’ll chalk it up as lesson learned. Before I order any other supplies, I will do my homework on the company and not rely on an official looking business website. There are always companies out there to take advantage of people during a time of crisis. Good luck to everyone.

  29. Out a $150. Put an order on 4/5 and nothing yet, not eve a response to emails. How are these scams allowed to advertise on Google and other reputable site? Lesson learned, anything from of China or Asia for that matter is a scam.

  30. Not a good company I got toilet paper from them they said it was Charmin rolls that you would get 40 of them and that it equal to 205 regular rolls that was bullshit I paid $40 for 10 rolls of not name brand and they were regular size roll. They lied on there description.

  31. Do not order from this site. Products are not what is advertised. They substitute items ordered with substandard items and overcharge for these items.

  32. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. I waited 6 seeks for my order and received the wipes but not the Thermometer If This is a Hong Kong company its another good reason to sever ties with China. Contacting the BBB.

  33. This website is a scam for Chinese garbage. You order one product and then you wait for ever to get it only to find out that it’s a Chinese knock off and you cannot contact anyone for satisfaction. Stay clear of this website!!!!!!!

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  35. This is an update to my first comment on 5/7. Two weeks ago I contacted my bank credit card department and put in a dispute against the amount paid this company. Five days later I get an email from the company saying my order was on the way and listed a tracking number. I had already cancelled the order 4 weeks after ordering since I then realized what the deal was. Yesterday I received a plastic bag with 10 puny, non-charmin toilet paper rolls. The other 2/3 or my order was not included, nor was there any invoice or statement letting me know if anything else will be shipped. These people are trying to be really slick. As soon as the bank got involved they shipped something so that the bank staff will look at the tracking and see the order delivered. I called my bank back and told them what I received and what I didn’t, and that I felt this company was playing this game so they would not have to refund the money. Right now the bank is still looking into it and told me to keep a record of every correspondence I had with the company. I’ll let you all know the outcome. What a pain in the bu**.

  36. I also ordered here but at the request of my boss and I knew it was fishy BUT I had to do it. I placed the order, received an order confirmation and that was it!! Sent numerous emails with no reply. Sent a nasty email early this week and guess what- yep I received an email with a full refund to the bank….will never order from this company again and would not ever recommend it to others.

  37. This Company is a total Scam they sold me Charmin Ultra Cushiony Soft Touch Toilet Paper, 40 Count Family Mega Roll that equals 205 Rolls. Well I received 10 Rolls of Super Soft Lover Made from Virgin Pulp and they are not even standard rolls. And the sad part is that there is really no recourse once you have paid. This should be resolved by the authorities obviously they are ripping off a lot more folks than I.

  38. This is clearly a scam that meant to steal from the elderly and those that are unable to note the scam. They scammed Me $40 for 8 rolls of toilet paper!!!. Never will I ever fall for this Chinese thievery again. I mean paying $5 for a roll of toilet Is upsetting and distasteful. After dealing with PayPal for two months in an attempt to get my refund, I finally gave up when I received 8 rolls of toilet paper via UPS. Am sure they’re buying stuff from warehouses then break them apart to repackage for profit.

  39. I wish I had read all this beforehand, they will not ship, will not cancel and will not give you a phone number. Actually state you cannot cancel because it shipped, but can’t provide a shipping number. It’s all a scam.

  40. I paid $750 for alcohol wipes and thermometers for a few group homes programs in March. Today is 5/26/2020 and nothing has arrived. They keep giving me different tracking numbers and claiming my order is on the way. They are full of sh*t. They are a totally BOGUS company. It’s definitely a SCAM!!!
    Trying to get my money back now.

  41. Paid for products. Money taken from account and received an confirmation email that said I’d receive a tracking number by email soon. Only way to contact company is the email. I received and email back from “Daisy” stating I would have a tracking number. Have not received a tracking number after first email, Two weeks later, still no tracking number. I send daily emails to “Daisy” and no response. This company is a huge scam! The money they have robbed from people in such a trying time must be enormous. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM

  42. I ordered toilet paper and alcohol wipes two months ago. I just received the products. It is inferior stuff for the price. It came from Hong Kong. I did receive e-mail that it had been shipped. The toilet paper is packaged very small rolls. I got 20 rolls. Thought I was getting 40. Before I received the shipment, I sent them an e-mail telling them that I was having no trouble getting toilet paper now if they were prefer to cancel my order and return my money. In a couple of days, I got a message saying it was shipped. I am going to donate all of it to our local food bank which provides for low income people. Maybe it will help someone else. I was very disappointed in the order I received as far as value for money spent. Our American toilet paper is far superior.

  43. Purchased $82 worth of charmin toilet paper and hand wipes in March Of 2020. Just received the order June 3 , 2020. We only received half the rolls of toilet paper, the toilet paper was not charmin and the rolls were tiny tiny tiny. We tried to cancel the order thru email several times. We never received a response. Now that the delivery was made we are emailing again to get some form of restitution. Not expecting much. Obviously will NOT be purchasing anything else fro Over Storage.

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  45. This is my last followup from 5/20. My bank refunded my money which I was happy for. Seems like this company takes everyone’s money and when you complain they, in some cases, ship you some puny toilet paper. What a rip-off. I have started doing more research on companies before I buy anything, especially during these times. I don’t care what site companies advertise on,…private websites, ebay, amazon, whatever. If it looks or seems like a non-US company, I move on. Scams have tripled since this virus. There really needs to be a class action suit against these people. I hope everyone is able to get their money back. Be safe out there shopping folks.

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