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Oxidstion Club Reviews [April 2020] Is It Scam or Not?

Oxidstion Club Reviews [April 2020] Is It Scam or Not? >> In this article, you will see if OxidstionClub is worth using or its waste of time.

Online shoppers these days run the risk of receiving fake goods or nothing at all from the same store. Discontented customers who have shopped on the undependable site are straightaway told to discuss payment issues with their bank to have their money refunded and transactions canceled. However, it does not seem the case with the Oxidstion Club website. If you want the best lamps, candle holders, or bookcases at a cheap price, then you must shop from oxidstion.

We are recommending Oxidstion Club products for you that is already developed to be the best site in the United States top choice. So hurry up and clutch the assortments for your office or home as unique products are existing on Oxidstion at much-discounted rates.

However, when it comes to quality, nobody will ever ready to compromise at all. Consequently, this Oxidstion Club Reviews will help you to know the products totally before getting in real.

What is Oxidstion Club?

Oxidstion Club is an online store specially designed to give its customers the best deals on numerous products. Now you can enjoy your festive season with an exquisite collection of candles, lamps, bookcases, and so on. As per Oxidstion Club Reviews, they offer premium-quality service and long-lasting assurance to its buyers. 

Oxidstion website continues to upsurge while setting fresh objectives on delivering a more extensive selection of only quality products, quick shipping, and excellent customer service.  The company is passionate about designing simple products for customers to shop online. You will be able to see all your preferred products, which otherwise is difficult to get anywhere else. 

Benefits of Oxidstion Club

Is oxidstion club legit? To know the answer you can check all the below mentioned positive points of the products that would encourage you to purchase such items. Let us have a quick look!

  • The items displayed are less-priced.
  • All the products are attractive, and it will suit your office or home.
  • Easy return/refund policy.
  • Low preservation is required.
  • Extensive range of pattern and designs are available 
  • Refresh the home look.
  • Durable and good quality
  •  The company allows safe and secure payments

Specifications of Oxidstion Club

  • Email:oxidstion@outlook.com
  • Telephone: +1 8456360200
  • Address: 1527fruitland  dr,BELLINGHAM,WA,98226
  • All items are straightforward to use
  • Refund: Is applicable before the product is shipped

Is oxidstion club legit?

It’s problematic to remark on the legality of this website as there are no consumer reviews yet on their website. However, it is advisable for users to be very thoughtful and must not get attracted to low price products. 

All big spam firms work this method to trap customers into placing an order for goods, but in reality, either they get fake products, or they get nothing at all. It is simple for patrons to check out the undistinguishable product according to their taste. These items are obtainable on the Oxidstion website in various design patterns. 

We suggest you read the complete article to review in which category Oxidstion is not working. After reading, you will get an idea to categorize if Oxidstion is legit or absolutely a scam. The content is clearly unique and not copied from elsewhere. 

The website is designed correctly, and all the information looks genuine, and therefore we suggest there is no harm in placing an order from this website.

What are customers saying about the oxidstion club?

A lot of users have stated that they got the oxidstion club products quickly that they had ordered, and they look just similar to the images displayed. Some customers have got defected items. There have been many customer reviews stated on the internet. Most of the Oxidstion Club Reviews are optimistic. It means users are satisfied with its results. They have acclaimed the excellence of the product and service of the corporation. 

Final Verdict

One of the most excellent methods to stop getting into the trick of any fake website is to be careful. If you are watchful, you will not give out any vital information effortlessly. Also, always pursue to prudently look out the schedule of any website before getting affianced with them. 

Cautiously, see if there is a small trace of grievances by consumers who have ordered from such sites. Take the utmost care to check out how the business brings products, only then go ahead an buy. Do not reveal any of your significant bank information such as passwords

We trust that you have well-read vital tips about website shopping. We do wish to know about your individual experience.

0 thoughts on “Oxidstion Club Reviews [April 2020] Is It Scam or Not?

      1. I will never order from this company again. I ordered an item back on April 18th. I received a tracking number after I emailed and it has been “waiting to be dispatched” since then. I wanted to cancel my order and they told me its already been sent out so they can’t refund me. Even with COVID, almost 2 months have gone by.

    1. I ordered a Dog playpen called Clearly Loved Pets on April 22nd. I did not receive an email stating they had received my payment until 2 days later. When I did get an email the invoice reflected I owe $55.88. I did email twice prior to the email they sent. So I wrote back asking them when will I receive my item and as of today April 26 I had not heard from them. But they have the money. THANK GOD!!!! I used a Credit card to were I am protected.

    2. I ordered from this website…. first of all so many different emails, then this site has a different seller name when you use PayPal, then when you get your package you finally were waiting for and to find out they ship you five face masks and not the two lamps you paid a lot of money for well then I have to say it’s a scam! The package tracking number matched the one this site gave me along with a receipt for the lamps! Also package was return to sender Ronald Freeman!! How man fake names can this company have. Also contact this individual is using on PayPal is mailto:petersimpson1678@gmail.com along with the name of Jiang Xuechun! If this doesn’t make you realize this is a scam I am not sure what else will.

  1. I placed an order and recieved nothing from them even confirming my order but they were paid thru pay pal.

    1. I ordered two pawhut dog kennels back in April. I finally received a packet of 5 masks today, June 26 2020. totally corrupt. I’ve since contacted BBB but I doubt they can do much.

  2. Same issue.. have not received any details on shipping nor haven’t heard back from any emails I’ve sent.. emailed the PayPal email it was sent to and also the Oxidstion website. Can any one confirm they actually received their items?????

    1. Place is definitely a scam. I placed an order for a dog trailer and did not receive a confirmation email. I emailed them and they replied, and sent me a tracking number from China. Two months later two knock off face masks showed up, definitely not what I ordered!

      1. Hi, I never received the item I ordered. I ordered a small dog playpen 48″ by 30″. I did email and she did reply stating they are a legit company. I said you are scammers and that I noticed it after I ordered the product on April 22nd. Well today is June 29 and it said that it was delivered in my mailbox. I wondered how can a big playpen fit in a mailbox. When I open my mailbox I had a black envelope with the same tracking number that was provided to me but with two knocked off white mask. That’s not a playpen I say. So please do not order from them they are a bunch of scammers. I’m already in contact with my credit card company Thank God I use a credit card not a debit card. Which I would never use a debit card for anything online. Good luck to all you others and getting your product.

  3. I order a kennel fence on 4/19/20. I received an email receipt the same day. After concerns about the legitimacy of this company, I inquired by email (oxidstion@outlook.com) on 4/20/20 regarding the length of time for shipment. I received a response back on 4/22/20 along with a tracking number. I have been able to track the order to China on a legit tracking service (verified by also tracking some of my recent Amazon purchases). The order appears to have gone through a couple of processing centers and is now in Shanghai at an international shipping facility. We’ll see if anything arrives in the next couple of weeks.

    1. I ordered something for my cat for 60$ but after reading some information about the website determined it was fake and disputed the charge on the card and cancelled the card. They had also sent me a tracking number. When I got the package it was a couple of cheap face masks that they mailed in order to get a legit tracking number to trick their customers into thinking their order was actually coming. IF you have the ability to dispute the charge I would recommend it.

      1. Exact same things happened to me. I ordered a dog pen and two dog house. I recived a tracking number for both orders and got a response when I sent an email. Then all i got was some facemask I. The mail. I will be seeking criminal charges.

    2. Ordered chicken lot in April it’s been way over a mo. Tried tracking several times it keeps saying it don’t don’t have any carrier info

      1. Same thing happened to me i ordered a dog house on 4/27, I received some face masks two months later. So I emailed stating that I got the wrong stuff they said to send them pictures of what I received in which I did so they said they were going to send the correct item, I waited another two weeks for them to send me tracking, I tracked the package and it said that package was lost in transit to contact sender so I contacted them and they said due to covid-19 there was some carrier delays. Two weeks later it said the same thing so they said if I wanted to cancel my order that was on 8/3. It’s now September 13 I have yet to receive a credit or a response from them so file a dispute with PayPal good thing I used PayPal and not a debit card. Please don’t order from this company they are scammers.

    3. Same exact situation with me! Except I made the purchase on 4/18/2020! The tracking information I received has been saying that my dog kennel has been at the Shanghai airport since 4-29/2020. Still no contact back from anyone!

    4. Same thing just happened to me
      Two face masks in the mail when it should of been a doghouse

      I wrote them a nasty email but i doubt it will do any good

    5. Hi Kerry,
      Sorry to tell you but you will not be receiving your kennel. You will be receiving 2 masks like I did today on the mail June 29th. I never received my dog playpen.

  4. I ordered the Paw Hut 10x10x6 Chainlink box kennel dog house with cover for $68.15 on April 27, 2020. It is to be shipped to 1416 Calle la Placita in Lincoln, NM 88338 can you provide me with an order number a d an estimated arrival time, please?

    1. Yea, that happened to me too! I tracked what I thought was the dog kennel I ordered and I received a couple of face masks! I did not pay $59 for a couple of face masks!

    2. I ordered the same exact thing on the very same day. I received 2 face masks from China today which I did not order. The USPS tracking number he provided me was on the package of masks. By the way, the package was sent from Furimitan, who currently has dog kennels for sale also. They both have the same style of websites. One company is in Bellingham WA, the other is in Omaha Nebraska.

  5. April 27, 2020 I placed an order yesterday without doing research and now I’m scared that I’ve been scammed. The phone number on the site is false and I haven’t had a response to my email for tracking info or refund requests. I am so worried. I also emailed them two days ago with no response yet. PayPal would not refund me because they said I have to contact the seller for a refund, the seller can not be reached. $107 down the drain :(.

  6. Ordered a dog kennel as well on 04/21/2020 and received a generic tracking number that others have received as well. It’s a scam, don’t do it!!!! The website says products are from USA and they’re not. The payment and person is in China.

  7. Update… I received an email from oxidstion May 4, 2020 with tracking information from China. The site says tracking number can not be found so far. It says the number can not be found in the carrier system so far and to keep checking back.

  8. Update; I received a response from Oxidstion and the also sent me a tracking information. It looks like the package is coming from China.

  9. I ordered a rabbit hutch. Sent numerous emails. No correspondence at all. No shipping info. Haven’t received anything. Going to try to contact PayPal for a refund. 🙁

    1. That tracking information from China is not the product you ordered! Just wait and see! I am furious and will never order online again!

  10. I ordered a rat cage on 4/22/20. At first I did not receive an invoice or tracking information, but after inquiring through the email address, I did. It took a few days to be able to start tracking the package, but eventually I could… from China, spent several days in Shanghei, and finally I received the notice today that it was delivered. I received a package from China, but it was not a rat cage. It was 7 masks. $80 for 7 masks that I do not want and will not use. Unfortunately, this definitely seems like a scam.

    I emailed the company again today, we’ll see what kind of response I get.

  11. I purchased a cooler on 4/23/2020 didn’t get a confirmation number or nothing but they did take the money from my card . Emailed them asking info on tracking number and did get an answer. I tracked my purchase and said it was coming from China . It finally got here 3 weeks later on 5/15/2020 . Couldn’t believe what they send me , face masks . It’s all a scam , it’s fake don’t order they’ll take your money .

  12. I placed an order for a night dog kennell and didnt recieve any information other than a PayPal reciept I emailed them and got a response with a tracking number…the tracking number provided indicates it was delivered but I never recieved it and now wont respond the # on the site is non working

  13. Don’t trust this site, Placed an order on April 23 for fencing, received an email less then 24 hours later saying it was already shipped with a tracking number and the site in which to track it…. okay cool moneys been pulled I should get it in a few weeks awesome!……To my surprise it was delivered to my mailbox, okkk?? so I go down to check and I’ve received 2 face masks, You could imagine my joy. Wont ever be ordering from a site without reviews ever again. Good luck to those who have ordered from this site. God bless.

  14. They are a scam there is no such place , they took my money also sent me a tracking number even usps says its in their system been over 2 months nothing has changed. Pay pal users all you get from them is run around waste of time.

  15. I ordered a dog house April 20 received face mask today worth 57.00. How do you get your money back I went through pay pal.

  16. I received face masks. MASKS, WHEN I ORDERED A DOG CAGE. THIS COMPANY AND ALL AFFILIATED WEBSITES SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. Phone number provided does not work and no response from emails either. Hopefully the bank will help me in my process of refund.

    1. Hi, I was wondering if you got your money back from them? I bought a ferret cage and as everyone else i got 5 masks.

  17. I received 2 face masks in the mail today. I have had so much trouble trying to reach paypal for a refund. Also the Oxidstion phone number does not work. I feel like a fool! $107 for 2 paper face masks.

  18. I ordered the dog kennel 10x20x6 for 50.95, I received 3 paper masks, of very cheap quality. The phone number is out of service and the address is a house in Bellingham Washington. I looked up the address in the better business bureau and found 2 websites that sell the same exact stuff and use the same address and phone number, the other website is Antitale.com. Don’t order anything from either of these websites its all a scam.

  19. I have purchased a bunny hutch back on April 2020 I received a tracking number where it has not been updated since 4/29 and they refuse to refund me I have not received item the item doesn’t exist this is bullshit this website is a scam

  20. Definitely a scam! I rendered a rabbit hutch on April 24 and waited 45 days. Delivery was made to my mailbox. I received two cheap face masks! No rabbit hutch! When I emailed the company demanding a refund this was their reasons “Dear Customer

    I’m very sorry hear about that,do you mean you received wrong item,can you take picture let me have a check

    Thank you”
    I sent a picture & no response back yet. I’m not counting on getting my $ back. Sad because it was $ my kids had saved on their own.

  21. Scammers! I ordered a 10×10 dog kennel months ago. They took my 85.00 and provided a tracking number. Emails said it had shipped . I kept tracking it with the number they give me and a week ago I checked again and it said it was delivered to my home. Nope! Always family here in house and it was never delivered! I emailed them for a refund and they said they would refund me but they haven’t. They also said that it was still in transit but it is not according to my tracking number!

  22. I have left numerous emails. Never an answer!!

    Phone is disconnected!!

    I ordered a dog house in April 2020. Was charged for the doghouse. BUT I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED DOGHOUSE!!!


    1. Hi Kerry,
      Sorry to tell you but you will not be receiving your kennel. You will be receiving 2 masks like I did today on the mail June 29th. I never received my dog playpen.

    2. Hi, I never received the item I ordered. I ordered a small dog playpen 48″ by 30″. I did email and she did reply stating they are a legit company. I said you are scammers and that I noticed it after I ordered the product on April 22nd. Well today is June 29 and it said that it was delivered in my mailbox. I wondered how can a big playpen fit in a mailbox. When I open my mailbox I had a black envelope with the same tracking number that was provided to me but with two knocked off white mask. That’s not a playpen I say. So please do not order from them they are a bunch of scammers. I’m already in contact with my credit card company Thank God I use a credit card not a debit card. Which I would never use a debit card for anything online. Good luck to all you others and getting your product.

  23. I was scammed but lucky thing I use my credit card not my debit card. I just have to send the information also my emails that I had going back and forth with the scammers. I took a picture of the item which is two face mask not the dog playpen that I ordered and I will be getting my money back because I’m protected. So please contact your bank of the credit card that was used.

  24. As a follow up – check the address given at the bottom of the website:

    Address:1527fruitland dr,BELLINGHAM,WA,98226
    Tel :+1 8456360200
    Email :oxidstion@outlook.com

    If you look that up, it’s a regular house. My rabbit hutch turned out to be two masks. IDK Why, just save yourself the bother and remind yourself that if it seems very cheap, it’s more than likely a scam.

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