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Parag Agrawal Twitter Net Worth {Nov} Know CEO’s Income!

Twitter has got an Indian as its new CEO. See here Parag Agrawal Twitter Net Worth, his role as CTO, and the challenges ahead.

In a significant development, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, resigned from Twitter. He will be replaced by Parag Agrawal, who serves Twitter as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO). As CTO, he has been instrumental in increasing Twitter’s reach over the years and has been well-liked by Jack Dorsey himself.  

The news also comes as a pleasant surprise for India and United States as the nation feels proud of giving another CEO to a global tech giant after Google, IBM, Microsoft, etc.Let us explore, among other factors, Parag Agrawal Twitter Net Worth in this article. 

Who is Parag Agrawal?

Agrawal is a former IIT Bombay student who joined Twitter in 2011. He did his Ph.D. from Stamford University. In 2018, Twitter made him the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He has also been with Microsoft and AT&T for some time. It is understood that in 2020, the board was planning to remove Dorsey for his involvement in Square Inc., another tech company. 

He somehow managed to delay the process but ultimately got sacked this month by Twitter. Afterward, the board voted and unanimously named Parag Agrawal Twitter Net Worth as the new leader. Agrawal handled artificial intelligence and machine learning in his initial days with Twitter. 

Agrawal has been credited with engineering Twitter’s revenue and consumer platforms with helping turn around its audience growth in 2016-17. Agrawal has seen Twitter growing from a mere 1000 employees to have 7000 employees in 2021. He could pave the way forward for Twitter’s plan for expansion in the coming days. 

The biggest challenge he would be facing will be Twitter’s ultra-left-wing ideological bias and its role in circulating misinformation. A thorough revamping of Twitter is necessary, and it is expected that it shall be done on priority. 

Parag Agrawal Twitter Net Worth, Income, and Other Factors

Parag Agarwal has a net worth of $1.5 million with a salary of $250,000. His net worth has consistently increased as it was $0.5 million in 2017. He lives in a fancy house in California. The source of declared income has been Twitter and other significant projects in Microsoft and Yahoo. 

Now as the CEO of Twitter, he would be receiving $1 million as annual salary with bonus and performance-based stock units amounting to $12.5 million. Jack Dorsey also received similar paychecks and has manifestly insisted on getting paid at par with other tech giants’ CEOs’ salaries. Parag Agrawal Twitter Net Worth is set to increased even with the current pay. The board has the power to increase the salary, which it normally does in varying amounts. 


Parag Agarwal would be now leading the company. He is an IIT Bombay graduate and was working with the company as CTO. He has a declared net worth of $1.5 million and will now receive a salary of $1 million annually. To know more, see Who is Parag Agrawal, the new CEO of Twitter?  

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