Parents Dpisonline Com (July) Get Detailed Information!

Parents Dpisonline Com 2021

Parents Dpisonline Com (July) Get Detailed Information! >> Read this article till the end to know more about a platform where you can access your student’s performance in a detailed manner.

Have you been waiting out for your child’s result? Are you aware of the changes done in the education system by the Government? How will this be beneficial for the students and parents?

In this article, we will update you about the recent changes done by the Government in Jamaica to meet education standards in the United States and other parts of the world. This addition is under the portal, Parents Dpisonline Com.

Read the article to explore the facts and details.

What is DPIS?

This abbreviation stands for DREAMS Performance Information Systems. This education system is thus a component of the suite. It is a planning and diagnostic tool to track and extrapolate students’ performance using their assessments for school examinations, international examinations, and national examinations.

This will thus enable you to incorporate the information from attendance, psychometric testing, behavioral and social patterns that significantly influence student’s academic performance.

This will also help build the operational and administrative functions found in the management Softwares for traditional schools.

What are Parents Dpisonline Com?

The Government of Jamaica has recently announced that parents for the six grade students waiting for their kid’s results of PEP (Primary Exit Profile) this month will now have access to the Student Summary Report.

This will thus provide them with scaled standardized descriptions of their child’s performance, including all the examination subject areas.

This announcement was thus made in media on 11th June 2021. This was done amid a press conference, and the sample of the document was also provided for clarifications.

What are the changes done?

With the launch of Parents Dpisonline Comthe ministry will not provide percentage-based results to the parents anymore for the grade six students. This was previously the case with the national secondary school placement examinations, the GSAT.

Honourable Karl Samuda further added that this change meets up the standards of the international education systems. Parents will not be able to see the percentages anymore. Instead, now they will get a full detailed four-page report what will have clear guidelines for the student’s overall year performance.

This change is that there is no par with developed nations and international standards anymore and that Parents Dpisonline Com will also become Jamaica a more developed country.

How can Parents view the result?

The parents who are still waiting out for their kid’s six grade PEP results, will access the same over electronic platforms.

PEP has been launched as a replacement for GSAT, and the same will be conducted as a national school secondary entrance test. This is thus done to provide the better and more detailed profile to the students’ critical thinking and academic capabilities. All can go through the official website of dpis to know in detail. 

Final Verdict: 

This article has all the details regarding Parents Dpisonline Com, the online portal where parents can check out their students’ assessments.

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