Parler App for Android {Nov} Have Chat-Community Leaders


Parler App for Android {Nov} Have Chat-Community Leaders >> You follow your favorite public figures & community leaders, have a free conversation, read.

The developers in the United States have come up with a new application that is unbiased. It is a social media platform where people can create different groups and share the opinions with the world. The application is free of cost and entirely safe for use.  

This article is on the topic Parler App for Android, and this will tell you about various versions of the parler app, its owners, and issues people are facing while downloading it. Read the entire article to know more about the application in detail. 

What is the Parler app?

Parler application is a social media application that is unbiased where people can make communities and share their views. The application will provide the users with a customized experience, and you can see what you want. 

The company is trading its shares on a personalized exchange with NDAQ as ‘Parler Stock Ticker Symbol.’ The application is safe and secure to use encrypted data, and there is no chance of data theft. The guidelines of the application are as per the law that is legal and fair.   

Features of the app:

  • On the application, you have the right to speak freely without any fear of how people will react. On the website, you do not engage with bots and only with real people.
  • On the application, you can have real conversations with anyone in the world. All the communities are equal to the application, and you can share your experience with the community members. You will further read on the ‘Parler App for Android.’ 
  • There are many public figures and personalities on the application so that you can follow them. You can customize your account and the feed.
  • It is easy to make the application’s motivations according to whom you want to interact with and decide who can see your profile and your posts.

How to register on the application?

Suppose you want to become a verified citizen of the parlor application. In that case, you need to sign up for the application, and a verification process will take place, which does not involve any bots. The answer to many questions like ‘who owns parler’ is John Matze and Jared Thomson.

Other insight of the application:

  • You can debate and moderate the application with community members.
  • The application allows you to discover news, entertainment, sports, and politics.
  • The application helps in engagement with the community leaders and their thoughts.
  • You can customize your profile with your display picture location and description of you.

What do the users say about the application?

The application has 2.1 ratings on the Play Store. The users from the United States are saying that the application is very frustrating as the process of changing the password and set up the counter very difficult. There are many Parler App Issues’ that users face.

Another user says that it is a good concept, but the application shows a black screen when you shift from one notification to another in the feeds.


The website was founded in 2018 and had more than 10 lakh installations. The users face many issues with the application while running it, and the Android store’s rating is also 2.5. However, it is an excellent platform to search for various news and community leaders, so anyone interested can give it a try. Do tell us what you think about the ‘Parler App for Android.’

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