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Are you one of those conservative internet personalities? Do you want to get to a neutral social media platform? Well, this is a new social media platform, which is just like Twitter. Users also search for Reviews before signing in or creating n account.

This is the United States based online platform where users can freely express their views, and it was founded by John Matze.

What is this all about?

Parler is a social networking service that originated from the United States in august 2018. This microblogging site became famous when Twitter suspended Logan Cook, who was a trump meme creator, due to the violation of copyrights repeatedly.

Also, the users can find the accounts of different personalities from the suggestions, which is the most convenient feature discussed in the Reviews. Well, all the users can share their views on various aspects of up to 1000 characters. However, instead of tweeting, users can share parleys, and rather than re-tweeting, users can share echoes.

How can the users start using this

Users from the United States find it the most comfortable option as compared to the other social media sites. Well, the users can sign in to this parler through the official website.

Moreover, the users can also install the parler app from the Google Play Store and create their account. 

Usage of

Parler has got hundreds of reviews in the online Reviews and has an average online rating. And talking about the estimated usage of this social networking service, then it was observed in the last week of June this year, and it has been concluded that there are almost 1.5 million regular users.

Moreover, this count is rapidly increasing and raised up to 2.5 million regular users, as observed in the month of July 2020. Also, this parler app, which is available on Google Play Store, has been on the top of the app news category on the apple play store.

Is a free-speech haven?

Yes!! Parler is a free-speech haven, and this feature has gained much fame in the online Reviews and further made many American republicans praise and promote the app. However, there are some rules that are set, and the company has the right to remove the content it thinks is in violation of these rules.

Besides this, the company has already banned many users for opposing the rules and posting parleys.

Final verdict

There are many online Reviews that are showing the issues faced by the users while logging in to their accounts. This social media platform allows users to express their views, vote, comment, and echo different posts.

Moreover, people from India can also use this platform for expressing their views by using their Indian registered phone numbers.

Do tell us how convenient you think this app is? Please share your opinion with our readers in the comment section at the end.

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