Parlor Dot Com [Nov 2020] What is Parlor Dot Com?

Parlor Dot com 2020

Parler Dot Com (Nov 2020) Express Your Opinions Freely. >> In this news article, we provide information on a social networking service where one can express their unbiased opinions freely.

Don’t we all love to voice our opinions on social networking sites? It does give us a sense of worth when we can offer our point of view on various issues.

This site based in the United States came into service in August 2018 and boasts of a wide clientele.

Because this site allows free speech and an unbiased viewpoint, it has gained major popularity not only in the United States but all over the world.

Let us discover together why Parlor Dot com is such a rage with the social networking community.

What is Parler Dot com?

Parlor Dot com is a social networking service and a microblogging site highly popular with the people of the United States and worldwide. 

It offers you the platform to enjoy social media like never before.

This premier free speech platform lets you communicate with people with diverse experiences and from different walks of life.

The Parler community treats all users as equals and is built on mutual trust and transparency.

For this reason, the site experienced a wave of sign-ups throughout the world in the mid-2020s.

Why is Parler Dot com popular?

  • Parlor Dot com gives you the freedom to express yourself without any fear. 
  • The site allows you to speak freely and does not “deplatform” you for your views like other important social media networks
  • On Parler Dot com, you do not engage with bots, but with real people 
  • The site allows you to customize your experience by filtering out sensitive information or people whom you wish to follow 
  • Your data is very safe, secure, and confidential
  • The site is popular for its transparency because it offers users an option to give their feedback regularly

Specifications of Parler Dot com:

  • Website-
  • Email-
  • User support- @ParlerSupport on their site 
  • The site is easy to use by downloading the app on your smartphone and creating an account
  • The site already had 2.8 million users by July 2020

Customer reviews on Parler Dot com:

Parlor Dot com is extremely popular among people who for some reason cannot post on mainstream social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Lately, the site has become significantly popular with Trump supporters and conservatives. 

Several celebrities also use this site on an everyday basis to converse with their fans and post the latest updates.

People have voiced their displeasure at major social media platforms because they silence those people with whom they tend to disagree. This is not the case with Parler. 

Therefore, people are flagrantly joining this platform.

Final verdict:

Parlor Dot com offers you the necessary tools that you require to curate your Parler experience.

We give this unique site a thumbs up and encourage you to become a part of the Parler community.

You will love it if you are looking for an alternative social media network. You can turn to Parler if for some reason Twitter or Facebook restricts your posts or advertising.

We would love to hear from you. Please share your experience of using Parler Dot com by posting your comments here.

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