Passover Vacation in California – Things to do for the whole family

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Passover Vacation in California: California is one of the best places to have a Passover vacation. The weather in California in the early spring is warm enough to allow you to enjoy being outdoors in shorts or short-sleeved shirts during the day, and cool enough to allow you to wear a light cardigan or enjoy an open fire at night. That’s a great location for the ideal Passover program

The sun shines in California almost all the time so rain and inclement weather are not likely to disrupt your plans or make your stay cooped inside a hotel room.

California is the home of Disneyland

The number one thing that people with children come to California to do is to visit Disneyland. Every child dreams of seeing this iconic park, no matter how old they are.

While you are there ride the rides, see your favorite Disney characters, and do not forget to get their autographs. After dark, there is an amazing fireworks show to delight and entertain.

Most people say they have to go to Disneyland more than just one day to be able to see and do everything there.

Calico Ghost Town

Almost everyone loves the stories of the old west, and who wouldn’t love to spend an afternoon visiting a real ghost town? The kids will love it, mom and dad will love it, and it might even turn out to be an educational trip.

The Calico Ghost town was a mining town in the 1800s. You can get a glimpse of a time in the past, and you can hear the stories that earned it the name “ghost town”.

The Disney California Adventure

A lot of people think that if they have been to Disneyland, they can skip the Disney California Adventure park. They are so wrong. There are fabulous rides, you get to go to Cars Land, Paradise Pier, Bug’s Land and see different characters and attractions than the ones located at Disneyland.

Be sure and ride Mickey’s Fun Wheel and the adults will enjoy a libation while the kids are riding because there are some places here that serve alcohol.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is the place where the Mojave desert meets Colorado. You can enjoy the scenery, take a hike, explore the surrounding landscapes, go on a picnic, go camping and take a picture with the iconic Joshua Tree for future remembrances.

Winchester Mystery House

California is home to the infamous Winchester Mystery House. This house has staircases that lead nowhere, a firearms museum, blooming gardens, and it is said to be haunted. Sarah Winchester had the house built after her husband and child died to appease the spirits that were killed by the Winchester rifles her family had designed and gotten rich from.

Universal Studios

There are rides here that were inspired by the movies we have all loved. Go see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and enjoy a taste of butterbeer. There are many movie genres covered here so everyone will find a part of the park that piques their interest.

Alcatraz Island

You want to take an afternoon trip to Alcatraz island and see where the prison stood. Take a tour of the prison and get a glimpse of what it was like to live in one of those sells. Hear the backstory of the island, the famous prisoners that were housed there, and the daring escape attempts that were made.


California is home to 921 golf courses so if you have a golfer with you they are going to find a stunning place to play the game they love. It is also home to four of the top 25 courses located in the United States.


There are 340 miles of beaches in California. You can find a beautiful patch of sand that meets the oceans and simply lie around and relax. You could also take advantage of that water access and go kayaking, ride a surfboard, go snorkeling, or take part in any of the numbers of water activities available there.

Be sure to pack your sunscreen, and plan on being mesmerized by the sheer beauty of this area.

Redwood Forest

California is the only place where you can see the Redwood Forest. You should take a stroll through this area at least once in your life and see the magnitude of these impressive trees. This is a beautiful place for an afternoon hike, a photo session, and it will allow you to simply enjoy the wonders of the world that God created for us.

Final Thoughts

California has a diverse landscape so you can see mountains, deserts, beaches, and more within one state. You can find something that everyone in your group will want to see and do, and you will more than likely return to California several times before you declare that you have seen it all, and done it all.

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