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Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews – Is It Legit Or Another Fake

Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews – Is It Legit Or Another Fake >> In this post, you will know about this online shoe store and customer reviews about its being legit one or scam.

Going rough on heels! How about a new pair of shoes? Many of us think about it as many times yet ignore the need. Most of the time, whenever it comes to a couple of shoes, we get entangled in shopping for other things and leave the shoes. The comfortability of the feet is left alone, and we do not take proper care of our feet. The quality of the shoes you wear is essential to choose well. Because improperly fit shoes or uncomfortable shoes can lead to rough soles and injured heels. Therefore, the excellent quality of shoes is essential for soft and beautiful feet.

If we talk about Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews, this is an online shoe store about which we are going to review in this article. Read it complete to get further details about the best available options regarding a shoe store. Best compliant shoes can be selected from the list of suitable online shoe stores. Not only this, Shoes are not just a thing to wear, but the comfortability of the shoe is also a must. As well as being trendy has become quite a trend these days. Hence, wearing a shoe that makes you stylish is also a requirement these days.

To take care of your feet as well as to become a trendy, one requires an excellent store to shop. Therefore, do read this Pearlfeet shoes Reviews and get the best deal out of everything else.

What Is Pearlfeet Shoes?

It is an online platform to buy a new pair of shoes for yourself. This is a site that ensures to provide you with excellent quality and branded shoes, such as to fit your feet. They make you look trendy, feel sassy, and walk upon in a new cool. All of this can be understood about the site that, too, in just a few words, as per to say that in this Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews can help you learn all about Pearlfeet online store.

The site promises you to get you branded and comfortable shoes, that too in a really affordable price. All that you need just on a single page! The site is all about cosy men’s and women’s shoes, clothing, bags, and accessories for both men and women. Not only this, you can browse the site for a fabulous discounted shopping experience. The website shows many offers to try your luck by spinning a lucky wheel, or they may also give you rewards on signing up for the first time.

Along with all of these, the store has a lot of products to shop. A wide range of product images is given for your consideration on the homepage itself. The outlook of the site is excellent, and the website would mainly provide you the pictures of some well-crafted handmade shoes. Pearlfeet also offers originality with its tag and handcrafted shoes. The design of the products is good same as their prices. Here products are presented formerly branded and of excellent quality; hence, their prices are also high. That is why; it is getting famous in the United States,  Canada , Austrila, and many other countries.

Who Are Its Targeted Customers?

Customers benefitted from a particular site are those who shop from it. Some of the other times, those are the people who help the site as well. Here in the Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews, you would get to learn more about the online store. These companies mostly target those people who continuously shop from different shopping websites. These are the people who try to search for the most significant discounts. These customers search for the cheapest sites which can provide them with the branded products that too on affordable, somewhat reasonable prices. Such customers are targetted by different companies to increase the sales of their products.

These companies enhance their product growth with the help of these target customers. They work just as the grains for the cattle, seeing their purchases others buy the products from such companies as well.

Pearlfeet shoes.com! Whether a scam or a legit website?

Hereby while providing you with the review of this website, i.e. Pearlfeet shoes.com we would like to present for you not only the advantages but also the disadvantages or harms of using the site for your shopping needs. Sometimes we get into fake deals regards essential branded items—likewise shoes, bags, accessories, etc. We provide them with every personal detail of ourselves. That too in very easy and supposedly insecure pathways.

This can create big destruction towards the personal data of the customer. Because sites that do not provide you with a secure gateway cannot handle your private data as well. For instance, in the Pearlfeet Shoes Review, we would discuss the legitimacy of this particular online store, which serves its customers with extensive branded items range. That too on very less and affordable prices. Let’s check upon it: –

Pros: –

  • Discounted ranges available for all kinds of brands.
  • Cosy shoes available for both men and women at just a single platform.
  • The product range is vast.
  • Homepage designing is better than many shopping sites.
  • Many tabs like contact us, about and payment security, etc. are available on the homepage.
  • The site provides you extra coupons and a lucky wheel etc. to attract the customers.
  • They also show you some original handmade products with their tag.

Cons: –

  • Likewise, many fake shopping sites do not have well-designed software. The homepage is a simplistic one with just a few tabs and the product images mainly.
  • Huge and unbelievable discounts are available on the site to attract customers.
  • They also don’t reveal the names of their owners due to security threats.

Conclusion/Public reviews

The customers who have shopped from Pearlfeet shoes have reviewed the website on different online portals. So, you can read the pearl feet shoes reviews out there to make yourself readily knowledgeable about sites like perfect shoes. These can surely provide you with significant discounts and avail you limited stocks on various brands, but customer support and quality of the material are not promised anywhere. These websites can be a big scam and can prove harmful to your personal and financial data. Hence, we believe now that reading this Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews, and you can now decide it yourself to choose the website or skip it to protect yourself from the upcoming damage.

46 thoughts on “Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews – Is It Legit Or Another Fake

  1. HORRIBLE DECEITFUL UNETHICAL COMPANY!!! THEY STOLE $30 FROM ME. SENT ME SHOES THAT WERE THE WRONG SIZE AND THEY SAID SEND THEM BACK. HOWEVER I HAD TO SEND THEM BACK TO CHINA. $30+. MORE THAN THE COST OF SHOES. Also, another product I order was out of stock. Found this out right before Christmas. They were not going to tell me. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!

    1. CUSTOMER BEWARE…AVOID PEARLFEET AT ALL COSTS!! Terrible company and/or complete scam. Ordered shoes, received nothing and no one responds to my inquiries.

      1. U possibly will get ur shoes but they may b to small, as their sizes run small, size 11 will b #44 and is actually a size 9 1/2 – 10.

    2. I would like to get my money back from the so-called Pearlfeet company on the first day of purchase due to special circumstances in which I was forced to do so, but it became clear to me that I was addressing those who did not want to return my order in the refund as they procrastinate and shut up for long periods of time to respond. They are thieves and thieves and everyone should warn them. They stole about 350 usd.

    3. Ordered shoes 4/20/20. Never received. Keep sending me emails saying they are coming. Scam, Scam, Scam

  2. I have never seen anything SO useless in my life as your review. You give NO opinion positive OR negative. You tell readers to go elsewhere to read customer reviews and don’t even provide links to where they can do so. One should ask of YOU “Whether a scam or a legit website?”

  3. This company stole $$$ from me. I ade2 orders that should hae arrived in 1 week before Christmas. Three weeks later, ater requests, they said 1 was out of stock & the shoes would be sent. I received the wrong size & they said to send them back to china. The cost was 30+ dollars, as much as I paid for shoes.
    They stoe my$$$. Now I see on the internet that they are a sham company. And it appears that their leather shoes may be made out of dog hides as well ad other animals. Check out the internet.

  4. Pearlfeet, Wish, and NewChic. They are all from China. Products made in China are suck!!!
    Stay away from the VIRUS!!!

  5. This is a scam people. I can’t believe they are still able to steal money from Americans. They did not send me the shoes I ordered until 3 months later and after many emails; which NO person ever responded. What I finally received were the ugliest things I have ever seen. Save your money.

  6. I have made four separate purchases from Pearlfeet over the last year. I am very pleased with all four pair of shoes. I was looking for real leather shoes with rubber soles. Each pair of shoes cost $35-45.00, tan, brown and black. They are light weight and hand stitched. The shoes were shipped from China so it did take a little longer to receive. But worth the wait. The shipping did take me by surprise! The first two shoe deliveries were placed in black garbage bags and wrapped in package tape. Not nicely wrapped at all, but both deliveries the products showed up safe and sound. The wrapping was just not the standard we are used to in the United States. Was looking for a leather shoe style from the 80’s (GASS or Kinney’s) and I found a pair of shoes that were similar along with some other very nice men’s casual leather shoes. I’ve told many of my friends about this company. New styles are always being added to their site and hope to someday have as many shoes as my wife!! Lol

  7. I ordered shoes from this company which took 7 weeks to deliver. When I received them. The size I ordered ran really small. A mens 11 seemed like a 10? I contacted customer service and they responded 1 week later instructing me to take pictures and respond. I’ve done as instructed with no response. They got 43.50 from me for shoes I will donate to goodwill. This in my opinion,is not a legitimate company. Chinese with no inventory in US. Stay away fromPearlfeet.

  8. Thank you Alexis Alden for this report and also to the individuals that shared their reviews and comments. I have decided that this company and their merchandise is not worth the risk. I will not shop with them, no matter how much I admire their market of shoes. I will keep on trucking for a more legit and reasonable shoe business.

  9. Bought a pair of hand stitched leather shoes. Thankfully, I ordered through PayPal so I started a claim to get my money back. Upon finding out, they rushed the order.
    I got them and size is right and stitching looks solid but this is definitely not leather. They use some kind of synthetic leather that feels like rubber. The bottoms are made from soft rubber and i can feel every pebble or stick I’m stepping on. These would be okay for ballet classes or bike riding but not for walking. Not a scam but not what it claims to be. I don’t recommend.

  10. Do not buy from this company. the product will mot look like the picture and there is no return department. shipping will take you twice as long as promised!

  11. I have been waiting and waiting for the shoes I ordered. I have emailed their service and they do not respond. A total ripoff. Facebook should be ashamed for running ads for these Chinese thieves.

  12. Ordered shoes that were not necessarily cheap for the quality of the product. I wear a size 11.5 and ordered a 13. Couldn’t get my feet in them when they arrived two months later.
    The company has not responded to several emails I have sent.


  13. Where is our Federal Trade Commission in all of this? Their Customer Service is Totally a pipe dream. I doubt I’ll ever get my money back or the shoes I ordered. How about a Class Action Lawsuit??? Count me in!!! SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!! Total Fugezi!!!!

  14. They show the wrong size on there chart and poor cistomer service I got a size 1 sizes to small and wrote them.and they said we sent younrhw size you ordered which I ordered a 13 and they sent me a size 11. I won’t be ordering from.them.again and I advise you dont either

  15. Well, Pearlfeet do themselves no favours by sending no order confirmation email, and in the UK their website has no phone , and an email to them gets no reply. So I read the reviews, all pretty bad, phoned my bank who refunded it.
    Humble pie eaten, I did eventually get an email from them a couple of days ago, and the shoes turned up today and they seem OK.

  16. A total scam to the public. Unable to contact, Unable to track SFC Shipments, Unable to find my order due to lack of information. Unable to get refund thru PayPal as they said not enough information. SFC Ships From China but has a UK based web site. four pair of shoes I will never receive and money I cannot get back but learned not to order anything off these so called sites ever again. Keep your money in your pockets and ignore these too good to be true prices.

  17. Ordered shoes from Pearlfeet, $59.99, never received; no answer to Emails, got a credit on my bank debit card….GOOD RIDDANCE pearlfeet!!!

  18. Well after weeks I did get my shoes! I complained on the sight in an Email to customer service no response . They are thin bottom and flat no arch so I got insoles it made a difference! However I will never order from them again sorry guys ! Shoe market express or Payless is better !!!

  19. they suck took my order and money and never got my shoes that was 6 months ago. don’t buy from them

  20. order shoes on April 10 2020 haven<t seen shoes yet wont recommend to any one today is June 17 just like the rest of the other reviews scam scam should not be aloud to do business till they make good with a refund or the goods

  21. Not sure if they r a scam. But I recieved half my order 60 days ago , but still waiting 70+ days for the other half of my order.
    I’m wondering if China is not telling us how bad the Virus is there, does anyone no?

  22. I say we all pony up and sue their asses. I’ve been waiting 4 months for shoes and have nothing. Like many people, my shipment cleared customs and is waiting to be picked up. They won’t give anybody their money back, and the only thing we MIGHT know about them is that they are based in Syracuse, NY. ITS ALL AMFRAUD AND I AM READY TO TAKE ACTION.

  23. I should’ve read reviews first, my mistake and my loss. Like all the other reviews I sent the scammers $45 for a pair of shoes of which I NEVER received and by the sound of it, probably never will!! I sent numerous emails to their customer service, zero response. They are a complete and total SCAM!! I will advise everyone to not waste their time and money on this company. They are criminals that will just steal your money!! You will get nothing in return.

  24. Beat me out of $81.00 for 2 pair of shoes so far. Horrible company!! Customer service is NON EXISTENT!!!! NEVER AGAIN! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. We are not the owner of this site; we want to inform you about the right page… go for the customer care number of this site and describe your issues over there…thank you

  25. My experience is very much looking like a scam, paid for shoes, received nothing and no responses to follow up emails

  26. I agree 100% with all the reviews that I have read here.i sure wish I would have been smart enough to read the reviews before jumping into ordering. I hope who ever thinks about ordering from Pearlfeet that they read some of the reviews. Thank you

  27. DO NOT BUY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. First of all I ordered on May 17 and got my shoes July 24. They are uncomfortable and run small to size. They are typical China crap quality. Price may be low but so is the value. This is a China company not a US company sourcing in China. They use all the tricks in their ads to entice Americans to buy; cute dogs, rewards, the crazy spin game for discounts. I was stupid to fall for low price and regret it. I WILL CONCLUDE WITH BUYER BEWARE

  28. Do not buy from this company, they are scammers. I received the wrong size shoe 15 when I ordered a size 8. I have emailed them multiple times and they do not get back me. I’m going to try and have my credit card charges reversed.

  29. Terrible experience! I placed two orders within a matter of days of each other. 2 of the 3 items I ordered (sent 2.5 months after ordering) were incorrect. Daily emails to them have resulted in no refund. They suggested that I pay the shipping to return them…costing more than the price for the shoes. A complete sham/scam operation.

  30. Horrible experience!
    Ordered two pairs of shoes paid $95 usd ($145 cad) on May 9 and only received 1 pair over two months later ( mid July)!
    The pair received was supposed to be size 11 men but was at most a 9 mens. No size or brand indicated on the shoes and very cheap quality, in no way as advertised on their site!
    Never received the 2nd pair.
    Opened a claim with PayPal, after waiting over a month and a half they came to an agreement with the seller ( who goes by pearlgo and pierre buy) to issue me a full refund ONLY after I send the pair back to them at the address they provided (which is in China, at an address that seems very sketchy), with tracking, and they confirm receipt.
    The cheapest shipping method I could find was $65cad which would take over 2 months or longer to arrive or next cheapest over $100cad!
    Very disappointed in PayPal as well, as they really gave me a lousy service and no option for a refund for the pair I DID NOT receive.
    So basically I have to spend another 65$ to hope that in a few months Ill receive a refund!
    I tried contacting the seller and they keep giving me the runaround, seems like auto generated email response which asks me to keep the shoes and they can give me 20% refund ( if thats even true)
    This seller is truly a scam and they know how to work the system so that you dont get any type of refund.
    Their website doesnt even make you aware that you are ordering from China. Fraud fraud fraud!
    Stay away if you dont want to lose your time and money!

  31. This company is a horrible scam. When you try to obtain your money back from your credit card company due to non-delivery and no communication they show up for them and offer tracking, and a full sad explanation of not being able to respond. When you get your product 16 weeks later, they sent the wrong product, wrong size, wrong color and it has the quality of being made in a Chinese sweatshop. PLEASE AVOID this company, spend $10 more and buy product from a company you can trust.

  32. This company is a rip off! After 3 months and many emails expressing my concern. I received a pair of cheap junk shoes that were 3 sizes smaller than what I ordered and paid for! DO NOT BUY FROM PEARLFEET.COM

  33. $85 Order. $60 Return Shipping. No Refund/No Response
    Ordered 2 pairs of shoes. Took 2 months to arrive only to find they were too small. When I emailed for information on returning my order they suggested I gift them to someone instead and offered me a 20% discount if I placed another order.

    After 2 more months they finally responded with how to return my order:

    If you choose to return your package, pack the item securely with the actual packaging and attach a note (indicating your order number, name, and reason).
    The address is:
    Name: Cairong Lin
    TEL: 13826048530
    Address: Yongda road 7, Huadong town, Huadu district, Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China
    Zip code:510000
    However, the freight should be paid by your side.
    Please let us know when your parcel has been sent and send us the tracking number so that we can track the entry. We will then check the shipment.
    Once we have received the return package, we will exchange it or refund you as soon as possible. Please send it back via the “Taxes Included” .

    Out of principal I paid $60 to return my $85 order.

    Sent my order back 9.11.2020.

    Re: Order #188727 Return Tracking Number CH107325004US via USPS with tracking number for verification.

    Feel free to check tracking status on USPS website. Once package reaches China it apparently goes into a black hole for the refund never to be completed.

    Still waiting….

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