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Pet Simulator X Wiki {Feb 2022} Get Complete Insight!

Pet Simulator X Wiki 2021

Pet Simulator X Wiki {Feb 2022} Get Complete Insight! >> Roblox has started the new community house for the players. Please go through this post and know about the game and its group.

If you love to share knowledge about games, then Pet simulator is a Fandom wiki games community. With this, you can easily contribute your thoughts regarding trending and upcoming Roblox events and games Worldwide.

Besides a community, the Pet simulator is the most popular game made by big games simulators. A player can start a game with any pet, like a cat, dog, or bunny. To know more about the game and Pet Simulator X Wiki, keep reading.

About Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X is a Roblox game that collects coins and diamonds, which can help you acquire eggs that have fallen into lovely and sometimes deadly animals. These animals range from valuable kittens, puppies, and mythical dragons and unicorns. Some can be tough to get without a gold wallet, and that’s why codes are useful in achieving the best advantages.

Pet Simulator codes are helpful to unlock more diamonds and a huge range of pets as well. For those who love to share free stuff and knowledge of this game, then Pet Simulator X Wiki is the best platform to choose.

The range of pets involved in the Pet simulator

Pets are the main feature of pet simulator games 1 and 2. A player needs to collect the coins and allow you best at your side. Here is the list of pets:

  • Big Maskot
  • Crocodile platypus, raccoon, seal, and koala
  • Ghost cherry, fantasy dragon, wavy tiger, and wavy cheeta
  • Reaper tank, queen angel, immortous, mortous, and fire king
  • Dog, cat, Lamb, Bunny, and Orange cat
  • White Dog, Brown cat, mouse, White Bunny, and white cat
  • Pig, polar bear, bear, and Dalmatian
  • Space dog, space cat, space bunny, dragon wooga, and alien
  • Elephant, dog, fire pony, and sand cat

The List of Eggs Pet Simulator X Wiki

Eggs are important in the game and an easy way to get pets. Each tier has specific eggs, and the list of eggs also increases with the tier. Here are some of the popular eggs.

  • snake egg
  • hallow egg
  • cursed hollow egg
  • rainbow random egg
  • dark matter random egg
  • spawn egg
  • winter egg
  • desert egg
  • volcano egg
  • cracked egg

The list of chests in Pet simulator

Besides pets and eggs, chests also play a crucial role in obtaining coins in the Pet Simulator X Wiki. Currently, there are four types of chests available Worldwide such as:

  • Mini chests- Allow you to get the least amount of money.
  • Regular chests- It gives you extra money than mini.
  • Omega chests- rarer chests and have 9,000,000 HP and 60,000,000
  • Mega chests- These are smaller in size than omega chests

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Final Words

We hope you got the answer to your query- Pet Simulator X Wiki. Besides, you also know the game and its pets, eggs, and chests that may help you get rewards and play more.

The Pet simulator wiki community helps you know the core values of the games. So, join the community now.

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