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Petcrot.com Reviews [June] Is It Safe To Buy Right Now?

Petcrot.com Reviews [June] Is It Safe To Buy Right Now? -> In this article, you will read about an online store that sells all the essential products.

Have you been shopping online lately? Due to this pandemic, many people surfed new sites and bought online items. The Petcrot.com Reviews will explain further what a new website can put you through.

Many websites were launched in this lockdown, and many people became a part of the scam through these websites. Therefore, it is necessary to go through the reviews of the site you are willing to deal with while shopping, especially in the United States.

To be termed as a legit site, a website must provide all the essential information required by the customers. The website must not contain plagiarized content and should provide safe payment options. 

Here Petcrot is a website that sells a variety of products. However, to judge if it is trustworthy, let us investigate further.

What is Petcrot?

Petcrot is a website that sells a variety of products from furniture, cleaning, storage, DIY items, heating, garden furniture, home entertainment accessories, etc. They claim to stock up their stores with the products suitable for everyone. Their products are said to be tested and tried available at affordable prices. 

They state that their website’s products had been featured on Style at Home, Independent, Notebook, and Real Homes. They are passionate about products and believe that the best homes are deserved to be loved.

But the question remains intact: Is the website legit? Read further to find out. We will also share Petcrot Reviews.

Specifications of Petcrot

  • Website link: https://www.petcrot.com/
  • Website type: Online store that sells all the essential products 
  • Shipping time: Within 36-48 hours
  • Delivery time: Within 3-5 days, excluding bank holidays and weekends, 7-10 days for heavy items like furniture
  • Cancellation: Applicable unless shipped
  • Exchange/ Return: Within 30 days from the date of dispatching of the order
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Shipping cost: Free to all addresses of UK mainland
  • Company location: 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106
  • Email id: petcrot.sale@outlook.com
  • Contact: +12563695004
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card, Stripe, Discover Card, PayPal

Who is Petcrot for

The website is best suited for everyone who is looking to purchase items for the home or otherwise. There are a variety of products for people who love to shop.

But, it is vital to check the pros and cons of this website before dealing with it.

Pros of Petcrot

  • The website has a variety of products.
  • They have provided the contact details.
  • The website is SSL certified.

Cons of Petcrot 

  • The links to social media sites are invalid.
  • The content on the website is copied from another website.
  • The review section is missing from the website.

What do the reviews reveal about Petcrot

After delving deeper into the website, it was sure that the content and the images were a copy of the other scam sites. Many fraudulent websites look alike Petcrot. Hence, we can say that Petcrot.com is an unauthentic website which is operated by a serial scammer who had been running several other such sites. 

The address provided by the company is the same as that of other scam sites. Apart from this, the website looks untidy and has the same features and content, including pictures like other scam websites. The items available on Petcrot are being sold at a meager price, which is too good to be true. 

Furthermore, the website is not secured, which makes it risky for any person because their personal and financial information might get stolen.

Many sites are claiming to sell items on huge discounts nowadays. But, these websites are scams. It is better to keep a distance from such online stores, or else it is better to do some research beforehand because most of these online stores do not deliver products and even if they do, they deliver the counterfeit items.


A website that is a copy of another scam site can never be termed as a legit website. The domain name of this website is recently registered, which is not a good sign. Moreover, there is low traffic on this website. Trusting a site with all the missing and false information would not be a sensible step to take forward.

After observing the information stated above, we do not recommend this site to our readers. However, we believe that people can make wise decisions after reading all the information provided above.

Have you bought anything from this website yet? Have you been thinking of purchasing anything? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Petcrot.com Reviews [June] Is It Safe To Buy Right Now?

  1. I just ordered some tools (Dewalt cordless drill combo) from this website. Received no tracking information. I guess I will wait and see what happens.

  2. I ordered a Milwaukee cut off tool and was provided tracking information. The package duly arrived in a few weeks (from China) but was a small packet of face masks. When I contacted them they apologised and gave me a new tracking number for the tool. However, when I tried to track it the tracking website was no longer valid.
    I’ve emailed Petcrot to see where the tool is…..will see what they say. Something tells me I was just scammed.

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