Philadelphia Press Conference Today {Nov} Philadelphia!


Philadelphia Press Conference Today {Nov} Philadelphia! >> The latest press conference in Philadelphia & the confusion that took place, read whole article.

Trump’s last move in Four Season, trying to save his presidency.America has been on the run for the past few days as the much-awaited elections were on. Many citizens were filled with hope and gratitude. They wanted the best to win. But looking at how things were heading south for the former president, Donald Trump was doing all he could to save his presidency.

Philadelphia Press Conference Today, we will tell you exactly what happened and what people thought about the held press conference and what caused the people’s confusion.

Rallies were held all over the United States; people from all around the world like Canada, Netherlands were also thrilled for the upcoming elections.

Let’s move ahead for more details.

Who is Donald Trump?

The former US president was initially a businessman. He started as the president of his father’s real estate company, further expanding his business in various aspects. He entered the presidential race in 2016 and surprisingly won as well. Philadelphia Press Conference Today reveals that many people had protested against him after his win. The protest continued to date as many of Trump’s decisions as the citizens were not accepting a president.  

He also bided for the elections the second time but lost the race. Now let’s find out about the press conference that was held in Philadelphia.

Where was the press conference held?

Trump announced the press conference via a tweet, and he mentioned that there would be a big conference meeting held in Four Seasons in Philadelphia. This tweet was soon deleted; this was where the confusion began. People worldwide, including the United Kingdom and Germany, kept a close eye on Trump’s next move.

Philadelphia Press Conference Today discloses that later after deleting the tweet again, tweeted altering his mistake and claiming that the actual venue for the press conference is Four Seasons Total Landscaping, which is a small business between a crematorium and an adult book store.

Later the Four Seasons hotel cleared their name, and the four seasons landscaping confirmed the venue and removed their names.

What was the reason behind the conference?

With Trump desperately trying to hold on to his position as the president, this press conference claimed that the democrats help Joe Biden win the elections, a baseless accusation. Claims were made stating a voter fraud with has, so evidence or proof to support his accusing. This press conference was his last attempt to save himself. Philadelphia Press Conference Today reveals that the confusion that was created by this press conference regarding the venue had people in hilarious laughter over the internet.

Final verdict

The only thing that was proved here is how desperate Trump was to being re-elected. Several methods were tried, and many rallies were being held, but nothing could help Trump win his presidency back. All the baseless claims were nothing but a last attempt to win, which unfortunately dint work in Trump’s favor.

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