News Among Us {Nov 2020} Try This New Feature! Among Us 2020 Among Us {Nov 2020} Try This New Feature! >> This article is for all the fans of most excited game, who always look for new features in the game.

Among Us was released on 15th June 2018 by American game developer Innersloth. It is an online multiplayer social deduction game. It has gain popularity, especially in countries like Brazil, the Philippines, and the United States; because it is an engaging multiplayer setting that fans enjoy sharing with their friends. Among Us is a new updated service in the Among Us game where players are allowed to create characters and then play with those developed characters with their friends.

What is is a new service made available on Among Us game to make it more engaging for its players in Brazil, the Philippines, and the United States. With players can create their characters for free by integrating several parts and stuffs like hats, visor, and other accessories.

The characters created by players can be downloaded for free, and they can even showcase their developed characters to everyone on Among Us.In addition to this, players can choose the characters created by the other players on, and there are no restrictions other than imposed by the characters’ creators.

Steps to create characters on

Before starting the procedure, first plan a character you wish to create.

  1. Log in with your Among Us account.
  2. Create an image on
  3. An item selection screen will appear. Choose stuff like canvas, layer, parts (such as mouth part, eye part, hair part, and so forth), and items such as ponytail color, etc.
  4. Click on the controller tab on Among Us, choose features like move right and left, move down and up, and select scale to reduce and enlarge parts for your character.
  5. Once done with all the editing and have created a character, click on ‘FINISH.’
  6. The created character can be downloaded for free and can be made available on SNS.

The connection between colors, layers, items, and parts may seem tricky from the outset, but you will quickly have your character without any hurdles if you follow the above-stated steps. 

Players reviews on

Matrix Gaster states that,- have some child-friendly material. But it is mainly an among us skin online website. But overall, it is a safe website online where players can have fun without any risk.

Final verdict

In conclusion, we would recommend our readers to try Among Us is a fantastic addition with five stars, where players can create their characters online to play with their friends over a wi-fi connection.

Creating an image is quite simple, engaging, and comfortable, which will help the players defeat their enemies by killing them or destroying them. It includes two types of makers, i.e., Random makers and Kisekae makers. Also, changing the creator, the name is relatively easy as the player needs to click on ‘My Page’ to change the creator’s name at any time.

Friends, if you have created a new character of your own on Among Usdo share the link with your friends in the comment section below.

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