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Pierre Poilievre Conservative Leadership {July} Read!

This post on Pierre Poilievre Conservative Leadership will help readers know about the upcoming leadership election.

Do you know about the Conservative Party? Do you follow Canadian Politics? If yes, then you might know about Pierre Poilievre, a member of the Conservative Party. Recently something happened that made Pierre talk of the town all over the United States and Canada.

Read this post on Pierre Poilievre Conservative Leadership to know What happened with Pierre? Because that’s what we are going to discuss in this post.

Pierre and Conservative Party

Pierre Poilievre, who has been a member of the parliament of Canada, recently broke the internet when the news of him joining his old club where he fought with Patrick Brown started regulating over the internet. Pierre is the front runner for the leadership of the Conservative Party. As soon as these reports started buzzing, everybody wanted to know more about this news. In an attempt to get more clarity on the Conservative Leadership Race,a survey was conducted. We have discussed that survey later in this post.

The leadership of the Conservative Party

Erin O’Toole, the former leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, was sacked on February 2, 2022. She was voted out by 73 votes out of 128. To choose Erin O’Toole’s successor Conservative Party of Canada, has announced an election. The election will be held on September 10 2022. Until then, Cardice Berger will serve as a leader. This election will be fought between the six candidates of the Conservative Party. The candidates that are in the Conservative Leadership Race are:

  • Scott Aitchison
  • Roman Baber
  • Jean Charest
  • Leslyn Lewis
  • Pierre Poilievre.

Pierre and leadership

Poilievre, during a campaign, is claiming to have attempted the federal carbon tax. He says that to protect the climate, he will mainly focus on technology and its adverse effects. He also says that when he becomes the leader, he will increase the independent Banks. He also says that he doesn’t believe that putting a full stop to the supply management of eggs and poultry is a good movie instead, he feels that ending the system will be very expensive.

Pierre Poilievre Conservative Leadership

The election to be the leader of the Conservative Party will begin on September 22 this year. To predict the potential leader of the Conservative Party among the five eligible candidates, an internet survey was conducted. The result of the survey shows that Pierre Poiliever will be the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Leslyn Lewis was at the second number, followed by Scott Aitchison and Roman Baber.


This post covers everything related to the upcoming leadership election in Canada. We have also discussed the internet survey and who could be the next Conservative leader in this post on Pierre Poilievre Conservative Leadership.

Please read this post   to know more about Pierre.

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