Pilakalu Emoji Copy and Paste (Jan 2021) Scroll Down To Know

Pilakalu Emoji Copy and Paste 2020

Pilakalu Emoji Copy and Paste (Jan 2021) Scroll Down To Know. >> A new way to use regular emojis is getting trending. Read to know how they look like and how you can obtain them.

Who does not want to know about all the trending topics going on in society? And today we are talking about Pilakalu Emoji Copy and Paste, a yet another trending topic in India right now. And as the name suggests, it is related to the emojis used in web pages and electronic chats or messages. 

We all express ourselves using different kinds of emojis available on the keyboards of our phones during an online chat. Applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat have an in-build emoji board. 

Everyone loves to use emojis, and recently, a new funky way was found to use them. This article will tell what exactly the latest addition to the emojis looks like and how you can get the Pilakalu Emojis.

What is Pilakalu Emoji Copy and Paste?

In South India, a new way of using the emojis was found, and the people started calling it the Pilakalu Emojis. A little modification is made to the regular emojis to obtain the new ones. The slight change is adding one strand of hair on each side of the emoji.

Yes, you read it right! In the trending Pilakalu emojis, the regular emojis get some hair strands on their head, making them super funny and entertaining. 

Copy and paste are basic commands that would require to be familiar with to obtain the hair strands. Various YouTube videos are available online explaining the ways to get these emojis. 

Pilakalu emoji is a fun way to use and stop getting bored of the regular emojis.

How to obtain the Pilakalu emojis?

The name, Pilakalu Emoji Copy and Paste, already explains what you will have to do to get the emojis. All you require are the hair strands. And it is extraordinary that these hair strands cannot found in the regular keyboards. 

Various video-makers ask you to follow their social media accounts after which they will send you the hair strands in the message, but we will be telling you a small trick to obtain them without following anyone.

Some videos where the creator, like the Urban Tech, copies the hair strands in the description for its followers to use. But the trouble arises when you try to copy them. You won’t be able to. 

You must copy the video’s link and paste it in the google browser. You will see that once the video loads up in the browser, you will copy the hair strands in your mobile.

Now you can paste these hair strands in your message and add your emoji in between them as per your convenience. 

People Reviews for Pilakalu Emoji Copy and Paste:

Everybody is going crazy after getting to know about this new funky emoji customization. People are using them in online messages to surprise the other person. Not many know about it, but the ones who do are loving it. 

So, what do you think about this new modification in the emojis? Did you try them? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Final Verdict:

There is a new exciting way to use the emojis. It is fun and quite different. People call them the Pilakalu Emojis. 

We told you everything about them and How to Get Pilakalu Emoji. You need to follow some simple steps on your smartphone to get the hair strands, and afterwards, you can copy and paste them anywhere.

People who are getting to know about these emojis have already started to use them.

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