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Playsproshops com Reviews {Dec 2020} Is It Legit Website

Playsproshops com Reviews {Dec 2020} Is It Legit Website >> Are gaming items available with a massive discount? Is it trustable? Read article to know fact.

Are you planning to purchase gaming items? Is a website offering authentic deals for gaming items? – To know all the answers read the Playsproshops com Reviews.

We will examine a web portal that is recently launched though gaining popularity in the United States with their tempting deals.

So stay with us-

What is Playsproshops com?

An online web-store has launched in November 2020, come up with an exclusive range of gaming products. The website is based in the United States and offers services to people globally. The Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 are obtainable. Products are well specified and having a 1-year warranty. More than one quantity can be purchased a single time. Additionally, they offer tempting deals where products can be bought with 50%-80% discount. 


  • Company’s Email Id: The email address is service@gameclubs.site.
  • Contact Number: Official contact number is (218) 213-6872.
  • Website Type: The web portal is showcasing gaming items globally.
  • Website Link: https://playsproshops.com/
  • Delivery Cost: In the USA it charges 10$ and outside of the USA the charge is 40$.
  • Exist on Social Media: No, Playsproshops com Reviews does not exist on social media.
  • Delivery Time: It takes 1-5 business weeks for domestic shipping and 1-6 business weeks for international delivery.
  • Cancellation Process: Yes, the cancellation can be made within 24hrs.
  • Payment Gateways: The payment gateways are Credit Card, PayPal.
  • Return Procedure: Yes, it is available.
  • Exchange Process: Yes, it can be obtainable.
  • Refund Procedure: The refund can be availed.


  • A web portal with a range of gaming products for people globally.
  • Play station 4 and 5 are available.
  • Products are promptly specified and having one year of warranty.
  • Specific shipping policy and return & exchange policy have been mentioned.
  • Email address, contact number, and owner’s details have been provided.
  • Playsproshops com Reviews are present on the website.
  • Cancellation can be availed.


  • The product description is not precise.
  • No existence on social media.
  • Payment options are limited.
  • A single product picture has been provided.

Is Playsproshops com legit or not?

We have checked the domain age and found that it had been created on 19th November 2020 indicates the website is recently made. They mentioned the operator name of this website on the ‘Terms of Service’ page. Website’s policies are provided.

Official email address, contact number, and warehouse address have been provided. The website has several reviews on the product page; however, we did not find any Playsproshops com Reviews on external engines. We observed they offered a product with a hefty discount like around 50%- 80%, which bit fishy.

The web portal does not contain any social media logos; we re-checked again but did not observe its link with any social media platform. Consequently, after scrutinizing, we specified that the website has low traffic that means fewer people engagement, low trust index, and had been recently created since it is too early to judge the site and need to study.

What are the people’s reviews regarding this e-site?

An e-com web shop has launched with several gaming items; they offer an alluring deal that cannot be avoidable. We will dig out is it so, or it has another story-

On the product page, several Playsproshops com Reviews are obtained where consumers conveyed- they got the product in good condition, the device is excellent. It can be a good gifting option, etc. To make sure the remarks are genuine, we went through the different portals; however, we could not find consumers’ reviews and ratings.

Final verdict:

People can notice on the ‘Terms of Service’ page that Dressforsale operates this e-site; it has a separate section of the shipping process and returns & exchange policy. They mentioned the shipping charges, i.e., 10$ for US and 40$ for shipping worldwide.

Delivery time might vary from product to product though it usually takes 1-5 business weeks in the USA and 1-6 business weeks for other countries. In Playsproshops com Reviews, Consumers can return the product within 30days and avail of exchange or refund. Cancellation is also available.

The product has numerous remarks on the web portal; nevertheless, there are no reviews and ratings on different portals. No link between this e-site to any social media platform; hence, they did not take a step to make it recognizable, which is not good. The website has a low trust index and low popularity; the domain age is too new; as a result, people should explore this site minutely before investing money.  

Let us know in the below section about your thought against Playsproshops com Reviews.

0 thoughts on “Playsproshops com Reviews {Dec 2020} Is It Legit Website

  1. I didnt look into this place before and I wish I would have but entering the street address they have …it leads to something with xbox and people left comments saying they didnt receive anything or they got 1 thing and some of it was fake …. I tried sending a message for refund but the email address could not be found …. and they immediately took my money before I could even cancel …guess I’ll sit and wait and see if anything comes in I’ll give an update if it comes through

  2. I myself was offered on black friday, a ps4 with an extra controller for $99.99 came with 2 day shipping I waited till Tuesday because I figured with the weekend it might not count them so I gave Monday Tuesday and nothing came. Tuesday I called my bank and requested a refund due to it being fraud. If the ps4 was to come I would have returned the money but since it’s still not here and no email saying anything about a delay in the delivery, I’m sure when I say it’s a scam. Don’t waste your money on that site. If you already did call your bank asap and request a refund due to fraud.

  3. Yes i need to know if u have gotten anything too i ordered off there too thought was a black Friday deal and well now im starting to worry was my sons xmas gift he has been wanting so bad ugh the number is disconnected or not even a number email is wrong and address

  4. I’ve recently made a purchase with Playsproshops.com through my PayPal and was sent an invoice through PayPal informing me that my payment went through. I have no tracking number and on the day of purchase it said it was offering 2 day delivery now after doing more research I’m learning its 1-5 weeks, not days; weeks. So at this point I feel I just lost money. I will try canceling my order but I doubt that will go through. I’ve already tried calling the number they provided and that was an invalid number. I also tried sending and email and that came back to me as an invalid email address. I feel it’s a hoax I just hope that paypal protects my information enough not to allow them to get my personal information.

  5. My story is the same as those above they are fast with the taking of your money, as I never got tracking info but I got an untrackable confermation e-mail it had the same phone number that’s onthe page.So now I’m in a wait and see as well. When you call that number it stay’s bizzy all the time night and day. Hopefully we will get something so we may have gotten suck in tryin too save a buck

  6. I just order on that website December 9th for my husbands gift and I’m eigh months pregnant and didn’t know it was fake til he found out now we’re having to go to my bank and get them to hopefully get me my refund

  7. yep i got ripped off too it surprised me that paypal dosent reaserch who there doing bussness with the location is some empty warehouse up for sale i should have known ps4 pro go for 350 not 99 dollars bought it with my christmas bonus oops

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