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Pokemon Celebrations Card List {Aug} Read To Know!

Please read this article to discover some crucial facts about the Pokemon Celebrations Card List and explore some information about their anniversary celebration.

Have you heard about the 25th celebrations for an online gaming platform? Have you also played Pokemon before?

In this article below, we are going to reveal some facts about Pokémon’s 25th-anniversary celebrations. They are all set with their product lien to be launched along with some Pokemon Celebrations Card ListThis topic is hype worldwide, and people are keen to know what they have in their new launch.

Read this article till the end to explore all the ends.

What are the new launches for the 25th Celebrations?

There was a recent post shared by Pokemon forum Pokebeach. In this, they have shared around six boxes along with some celebratory booster packs. These are amongst the shield and sword series boosters, and each of them also has a remade promo card.

The product line-up further includes Lance’s Charizard V, Dark Sylveon V, Dragapult Prime and in last, a V union Pikachu Set along with Zacian X deluxe pin collection box. Pokemon Celebrations Card List also includes vivid voltage, chilling region, battle styles, and sword and shield series booster packs.

What are the products in the new line?

Along with the already mentioned ones, there are a few more products to choose from. These all have their perks, and the line includes celebrations collector’s chest, ultra-premium collection, elite trainer box, and mini tins.

Along with all these products, the platform has also launched some of the series for their cards. The 25th-anniversary set is estimated to be released on October 8th, 2021.

Pokemon Celebrations Card List:

There are many featured cards for this product, and most of them will also not be part of the available set. These, instead, will be included in shield and sword black star promo cards.

 They also revealed that the celebration pack would total 45+ cards, including 4 V cards and 2 VMAX cards. Adding to the list, the set of 25 more cards will further be the remake for other classic favorites, including Base Set Charizard.

Along with all these cards, the set will also include multiple Pikachu cards in the celebration. Pokemon Celebrations Card List named further includes:

  • Ha-Oh,
  • Mew,
  • Zamazenta,
  • Surfing Pikachu,
  • Professor Oak,
  • Surfing Pikachu V,
  • Flying Pikachu VMAX and many others.

Final Verdict:

Pokemon TCG is a famous online gaming platform launched back in 2012. This online or video game is based majorly on Card games further developed by Dire wolf Digital. This is available to the players for Mac, iOS, and Android platforms.

Since then, the game has evolved and completed 25 years for its launch and success. For their 25th anniversary celebrations, the platform is set to come up with something new, including the Pokemon Celebrations Card List. 

If you want to know more about the game and their celebration event, read here

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